Partnering To Make a Difference

Finding a job in today’s world is challenging, and finding the right person to fill a job is an art form. SRG knows this, and works each day to ensure recruiters place the right people in the right jobs. With nine divisions and four locations in the southeastern United States, we partner with companies searching for the right candidates, and with job seekers looking for the right position to SuRGe their career forward.

The founders and employees of SRG live by the mission of providing specialized staffing solutions to clients and consultants with the highest levels of service, flexibility and integrity. Learn more.

“Do The Right Thing” wasn’t just the title of a popular 80’s movie – it’s a way of life for SRG. Our sense of ethics and values are grounded in always doing the right thing for our clients, consultants and employees. Learn more.

SRG strongly believes in giving back and staying active in the community. Our philanthropic efforts can be seen in charities that focus on children, healthy lifestyles, cancer and the arts. Learn more.

SRG takes pride in making sure employees know they are respected and appreciated. All employees know their voices are heard. In fact, it’s typically their honest feedback that often helps shape the direction of the company. Learn more.

SRG Founders

Britt Massing
Britt MassingPresident
Britt Massing is responsible for the day-to-day operations of SRG. With over 15 years of experience in the professional consulting and recruiting industry, Massing saw the infinite opportunities and growth potential of the company when he merged with SRG in 2009. Massing has a strategic vision for growing the company’s medical and life sciences division. Read more.
Matt Spanke
Matt SpankeChief Operating Officer
Matt Spanke directs business operations focused on clients in niche industries such as the Department of Defense and Engineering. With more than 15 years of experience in the recruiting and management fields, Spanke brings leadership and a solid track record for growing annual revenue and increasing sales. Read more.