Apploi, an app for finding a fall job or the right employee!

The old-school job search effort will soon be history if a New York City-based tech startup continues making waves.  Apploi assists people searching for a job find jobs close to home and surfaces the best potential applicants for any participating employers. apploi for the job search

Why should I care about Apploi?

Apploi allows people seeking jobs to save basic profile information to an online Passport, so they will not be forced to fill out personal information including their highest level of education, work details and personal portfolio beyond the first entry.

The Apploi kiosk looks a lot like an iPad that has been mounted on a stand, and can be found in retail locations up and down the East Coast.  In the iOS app, users can find local jobs and complete a Passport, which can be sent out as a direct application for more than a single job at a time and to many employers during a single Apploi job search.  Apploi also uses the GPS capabilities of smartphones to entice users with unfilled local jobs that could help users cut commuting expenses.

Apploi is a great alternative to a process once dominated by paper applications.  Before the introduction of either the iPhone or its Android counterpart, we all remember walking into to the local retail store, filling out traditional paper applications and hoping that a summer job would be the result.  Unsurprisingly, most stores still use paper applications; all hiring decisions are still left to the store manager on a local level rather than employing a centralized HR team as might be done for salaried positions.

But is it possible for local stores, restaurants and small shops to benefit from a recruiting app like Apploi?  Adam Lewis, founder of Apploi, thinks they can benefit, and that is why he decided to tackle streamlining the process of customer service hiring.

The app scores candidate applications as green, yellow or red, depending on response quality, and lets employers supplement their own questions in addition to the basic Passport questions users complete, and they can require video responses.  One example is that the store might choose to upload a sample disgruntled call from a dissatisfied customer and ask applicants to record their response; the response showcases the personality in a different way than an out of context resume.

The Apploi app is currently available in fifteen cities in the United States and has signed clients in Nairobi, London, Bangkok and Copenhagen.  Jobs from more than 300 businesses have been posted, ranging from small businesses to worldwide brands, and listings now go beyond the customer service fields for which the Apploi was first built.

While there are a lot of mobile job-search apps available, Apploi is ready and willing to stand out with its unique interactive features and cool iPad kiosks.  Learn more about the app by visiting Apploi online at!

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