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Finding Inner Peace Before a Job Interview

It is important to make a fantastic impression when you go on a job interview, and this requires that you remain calm and composed.  If you look flustered, you will not appear confident.  Fortunately, it can be simple to calm your nerves before you begin a job interview.

Think of calm in terms of a checklist.

  • Always arrive early.  If you are late, you will enter the interview both upset and distracted.  Give yourself at least ten to fifteen minutes in the waiting room to calm your nerves before you begin the interview.
  • Practice deep-exercises.  Deep-breathing exercises are great for leading you to relaxation, taking the stress from both your body and mind.  Slowly inhale deeply through your nose, completely exhale through your mouth.  Do this for a few minutes.
  • Meditation is a favorite for some, but others will consider it new age quackery.  Even if you are not the type to meditate, find a calming phrase or a word that can help you erase anxiety.  Find a word like “peace” or “satisfaction,” something that will instill confidence as you walk into the interview room.
  • If your body is in knots you need to mentally assess all of your muscles.  Think of the muscles in your neck, arms, shoulders and legs and do your best to release the death-grip.  A body that is relaxed will help you feel and appear calm.
  • Make sure you have all of your ducks in a row before the interview.  Review any information in your folder about the company, and mentally rehearse your response to any questions you feel they plan to ask.
  • In the final moments before the interview begins, it is a good idea to use mental imagery as a way to calm your emotions.  Imagine a peaceful place, one you have conquered and consider safe, and stay there until it is time for the interview to begin.

Do not allow the checklist to become a burden, use it to develop and promote a credible and collected version of yourself.  Inner peace will keep the nerves under control and improve your chances for a successful interview.

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Millennial Job Search

Millennials are entering the workforce at an unprecedented rate.  As each generation enters the workplace, so do the nuances from their time.  This can make things difficult because there needs to be some compatibility for all generations, so that the most of each of their skills can be optimized.  Understanding and comes with benefits, and builds a productive workplace.

Millennials entering the workforce are being forced to overcome perception that they do not fit the description of a team player.

  • 14% of Human Resources professionals consider Millennials to be proficient communicators.
  • 11% of Human Resources professionals consider Millennials to be diligent workers when given any task.
  • 1% of Human Resources professionals believe that Millennials would be loyal if hired.

In other words, the majority of potential employers see Millennials as out-for-themselves; in search of a leadership role before they earn their stripes and ultimately a liability if hired.  Is the assessment fair?  It is not even remotely fair.

Each generation gets criticized by the one before it, Millennials have it particularly tough because every move they make is recorded for posterity in social media.

What tactics can Millennials use to stand out from the crowd, and quash the idea that they are dangerous to team dynamics?

Millennials need to understand that they need to be able to concisely explain to a Hiring Manager why they are the right candidate for the position.  This can be accomplished by actively pursuing freelance projects that build skills, while a job search is underway.  The projects can be used to build case studies of work that can prove worth to the potential employer.

Instead of submitting a resume to an online job board, Millennials should take their technological savvy and apply it in a unique and efficient way.  Consider conducting a search on LinkedIn to see who works at a company that is particularly interesting, and touching base with them directly to learn more about the company and explore any of the open opportunities.  Bosses are interested in getting the job done efficiently and effectively, being unique will produce the desired effect and open conversation.

Millennials are proving to be risk-averse, with fewer making the direct leap from college into a business of their own.  Risk does not need to be an “all or nothing” equation, a Millennial can create his or her own website for the purpose of landing freelance jobs during the search for corporate employment.  The website can be targeted in a manner which builds your credentials and credibility online, while illustrating to potential employers that skills are being honed.

Like any worker, a Millennial needs to be able to put down his or her computer and be able to articulate the value they can bring to an employer.  This can be accomplished by attending industry networking events, during which a job hunter can practice exhibiting the confidence required to set themselves apart from the rabble.

Millennials need to captain their own destiny, changing perceptions regarding their entire generation and giving Hiring Managers a reason to take a chance.

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Hire Someone With The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Staffing Resource Group wants people with an entrepreneurial spirit on our team, and we actively seek it out.  These are the people who challenge the norm, stand behind their convictions, innovate consistently and show tenacity that is unexpected.  The path of someone with entrepreneurial spirit can be difficult to travel, often strewn with well-meaning negative advice.  Persistence matters.

Employers often hire entrepreneurs, failing to really delve into the character of a candidate.

Staffing Resource Group has helped client resolve staffing issues, after top talent was found to have personal passions that outweighed their interest in job.  Company time has been lost to outside passions, with a clock marking time until the launch of their pet project.  That bottled passion, the feeling of coiled energy ready to spring, was really an entrepreneur doing lower quality work to collect a paycheck for the launch of a private company.

Entrepreneurs are fantastic, without the entrepreneur there would be no Staffing Resource Group.  A business already off the ground, however, has a greater need for candidates with the entrepreneurial spirit.  Here are a series of easy steps by which you can recognize the entrepreneurial spirit in a candidate, and nurture the spark.

In order to get to the root of who a candidate really is, you will want to channel your inner detective in a review including multiple resources to determine if the Curriculum Vitae may not document a project that turned into a train wreck.  Is there a history of working with newly launched companies?  Has the candidate express a focus in marketing, fundraising and business strategy?  Does the focus fail to match the job that the candidate is applying for?  None of these character traits should immediately disqualify a candidate, but it should raise your awareness that the applicant may be on to his or her next big idea before paperwork is filed with Human Resources.

At the interview, it pays to discuss the philosophy any company has regarding the support of an employees’ areas of interest outside of their specific j-o-b.  Listening to, really hearing, their reaction to the idea that an employer is willing to express an interest beyond the office walls can cause the convictions and innovative nature to bubble to the surface.  It becomes a matter of “my new employer can help me,” rather than “this is my opportunity to direct creative energy to help my new employer.  Entrepreneurial spirited candidates are motivated by the daily activity of the company, and the opportunities their own role will present for the business as a whole to both grow and thrive.

Keep in mind that entrepreneurial spirited individuals are people who want to learn, apply, share and partner in an effort to build their skills as a well-rounded employee capable of internal advancement.  They are interested in the pursuit of experience, rather than gaining access to specific tools that can be used as a stepping stone to achieve success for their own pet projects.

It can often feel like everyone wants to be an entrepreneur.  This does not need to be a problem, because some of the most successful entrepreneurs began by tackling their own projects after working for someone else during the day.  It is still hard to forgive the future of your own business while worrying about who is using corporate assets, money and time to further their own ambitions.  It is better for you to find entrepreneurs before they become a part of your company, instead spending your energies building resources that nurture the entrepreneurial spirit and promote your company.

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The Job Search Post 50

It is never easy to lose a job, but it becomes more problematic for a job to be lost after you have reached age fifty.  An entire adult life may have been dedicated to a particular career, the thrill of the job search is likely something of a terrifying foggy memory.  Add to that the current national unemployment rate of 7.6%, as well as blatantly unfair presumptions about technological literacy, and a job-seeker born before 1963 has entered a battle that will often be frustrating.

Before you end the job search in frustration, it is necessary to first consider the positives you are facing in your job search.  The national unemployment rate of 7.6% has remained roughly unchanged since October 2012, while the unemployment rate for adults age forty-five years of age and older has averaged 5.6% for the months of April 2013; May 2013 and June 2013.  The unemployment rates for job-seekers over the age of fifty should instill some confidence as the job search commences.

It is understood that numbers are of little comfort for anyone over the age of fifty as they execute their job search.  There can be a struggle if you are trying to wedge your job search into a position which would be the equivalent to a former pay grade or title.  A potential employer will not be willing to take your word that you will do a great job, they will instead go for a commodity they know and understand.  A worker in his or her fifties, with demands, is a liability to most companies.

To move beyond the ups and downs of a job search, it is helpful if the fifty year old on a job search take these tips to heart:

If you are pushed out of a job that has defined who you are, or has paid a mortgage for two decades, it can be easy to allow anger to mar your job search.  You need to let hurt feelings dissipate quickly, because the job search must be about accentuating the positives in your life and skills portfolio.  Create a virtual list of positive goals that you maintain on the Pinterest account that houses your resume.  Return to focused list of goals frequently, allowing it to guide you beyond the emotions.

The most valuable too anyone over the age of fifty has in his or her favor during the job search is the building and grooming of a network of contacts.  The digital social networking frontier has taken the job search off of postings for employment, and placed the power in the hands of the job-seeker and any recruiter with a sizeable networking group.  Roughly 80% of any job search need to be applied to the art of networking, while the remainder of the time is spent on traditional job search techniques.

It never pays to think of a job in the traditional sense in 2013, particularly when the job search can be proving to be frustrating.  Expand the boundaries of your job search, using your network to develop non-traditional sources for a job.  Consulting is a preferred profession for people with specialized skills, the type of which an employer may be looking to phase-out as a long term full-time occupation.  Giving the job search a wider territory allows for a niche to be filled.

Seeking the help of others, something most established workers are loathe to do, is also a MUST of the 2013 job search frontier.  Help with the job search can be leveraging contacts, asking for help with interview points or it could be an introduction to social networking platforms.  Asking may be uncomfortable, but the reward is several new skills.

A job search is not easy at any age, but the job search does not become impossible if a job-seeker is over the age of fifty.

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Create a Better Future by Networking on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best resources available for working professionals.  With more companies, professionals and new graduates joining every day, here are the top five reasons why you need to build a profile for yourself on the LinkedIn platform:

  • LinkedIn is a fantastic way to network with new contacts that you make within your own company, as well as potential future employers.  Adding the person as a LinkedIn contact reinforces in-person interaction, builds on any follow-up you have sent and gives that person a look behind the scenes to get a better idea as to who you are.  LinkedIn can also be a great tool for catching-up with former co-workers, bosses who liked you and other individuals who can add to your future potential career longevity.
  • LinkedIn can definitely connect you with both old and new contacts, but it also provides the opportunity to build credible connections with other industry insiders in your chosen profession.  Never be afraid to use it as a method by which to reach out and discuss issues associated with your field or, potentially, use it to make a profitable business partnership.
  • LinkedIn is considered by some to be Facebook for adults, and this designation has given rise to the idea that work experience needs to take center stage whereas on Facebook it may be the internet meme of the day on display.  Use LinkedIn to your advantage, make it a treasure trove of all of your unique skills and job experience.
  • LinkedIn allows you to join groups for university and other organizations that you may like or wish to be a part of.  Through these groups, it is possible for you to connect and talk with other members of your industry about current market trends.
  • LinkedIn also provides an awesome tool by which you can get people to recommend your work, giving your skills both credibility and merit.  This allows potential employers a real understanding as to your work ethic, reliability and ability to work within a team.

LinkedIn is definitely one of the best resources available for professionals who are currently employed, as well as those who are testing the waters of the job market.  Get on the platform today!


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Todd K. Hall on CIO vs. CTO in Tampa Bay Business Journal article

SRG CEO Todd K. Hall weighed in on the difference between a CIO and a CTO in the December 28, issue of the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Read the entire article here.

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Using Social Media to Get a Job – An Interview with Todd K. Hall

SRG’s CEO, Todd K. Hall, spent some radio time with Corey Dylan from AM Tampa Bay (970 WFLA) to discuss the best ways to use social media to get the job you want. You can listen to the full interview here.

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Tampa Chamber Names SRG “Small Business of the Year” Finalist

The Staffing Resource Group (SRG) announced it was a finalist in the prestigious Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce “Small Business of the Year” Award in the 21-50 employee category. The award recognizes small business with solid financial success, strong community involvement and ethical business practices. More than 250 businesses compete for the award each year.

“This is such an enormous honor, especially given the caliber of small businesses that we are competing against in our category,” said Britt Massing, President of The Staffing Resource Group. “We are lucky to live in a city that celebrates the work of small businesses, and we hope to continue working and thriving in the city of Tampa for many years to come.”

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Keeping it Healthy at SRG – Making The TBBJ List of Healthiest Employers

At SRG, we take pride in encouraging a healthy lifestyle both inside and outside the office. When we started, our goal was to have happier and healthier SRG employees, and that is exactly what we got!

The employees encourage each other, cheer each other on and share stories about working out and eating healthy. It also helps that the members of SRG management are heavily involved as well. They attend boot camp and live healthy lifestyles. Stop by the SRG offices any day of the week and you will find healthy snacks such as granola bars, fruit, nuts and bottled water on hand to help ease the mid-day slump. We were proud to be a finalist in this prestigious award category, and we wear the “Healthiest Employer” logo very proudly!

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SRG Makes TBBJ “Fast 50 Awards” for Second Year in a Row

The Staffing Resource Group, Inc., was recently named to the prestigious Tampa Bay Business Journal’s “Fast 50 Awards” for the second year in a row. The annual list is made up of 50 of the fastest growing privately held companies in Tampa Bay and companies are ranked on percent of annual growth over a three-year period. Last year, SRG ranked number seven.

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