Tips for Cleaning Up Social Media Profiles

Your resume and interview aren’t the only things your potential employer is taking into consideration when it comes to the hiring process. Today, your online reputation is just as important as your offline one. If the thought of your boss checking out your Facebook account or Twitter feed frightens you, it’s time to clean them up. We recapped how to survive the social media scrutiny:

1. Pictures. It’s time to hide your party pictures, or delete them altogether. Your employer wants to hire a responsible adult, someone they can count on to show up on time, represent the company at social functions, and be coherent throughout the day. Sloppy photos of you slipping on the dance floor don’t send the right message and could end up costing you a well-paying salary. If you’re not ready to delete the photos, visit your profile’s privacy settings where you can control who can and cannot see your posts.

2. Content. It’s time to revisit your social media bios. Make sure your bio makes sense by saying who you are and what you do. Include a little personality if you can. Your bio is often the first thing people look at to decide whether or not you deserve a following. Outdated info, confusing banter, or a blank canvas don’t convey anything except for unprofessionalism. Show employers why you deserve to be hired.

3. Friends. You are who you associate with. Today, employers are checking out who you’re connected to. If your social media friends don’t have a good rep, they may question your credibility too. We recommend routinely deleting or unfollowing people you don’t contact to keep things tidy.

4. Consolidate. With so many social platforms, things can get a little hectic. There are a number of tools like HootSuite or BufferApp that can help you consolidate, allowing you to actively engage with people all from one central location. If you find that you’re neglecting some accounts more than others, it may be time to delete a few. Employers are always looking for the most up-to-date info so if you have an account, use it.