Is it time to add an interesting career to your CV?

Cool Works is a job search board for interesting seasonal jobs and career opportunities.  National parks, camps, ranches, theme parks and ski

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resorts all list their job openings on Cool Works.

Cool Works Job Opportunities:

Employers and jobs listed on the Cool Works site are grouped together by location, season or by category, and the site has a few special categories such as:

  • Jobs on the water.
  • Older and bolder, for those of us with experience and looking for a change.
  • Internships.
  • Volunteer opportunities.
  • Jobs for teenagers.

Cool Works Spotlight Opportunities:

In addition to more than one-half dozen general categories, Cool Works has three types of spotlighted job listings:

Seasonal Professionals:

These are seasonal jobs that call for previous on the job skills, education or training, and often include seasonal management positions.

Careers Positions:

This spotlight category covers year-round, thirty-five to forty hour per week positions with benefits like health and dental insurance.

Entry Level Jobs:

This Cool Works section lists jobs for applicants with minimal to no experience within the desired field.  It is a great opportunity to acquire firsthand experience in a new field.

Cool Works also lists jobs that need to be filled within the next thirty days, as well as their Job Map option that will let you search for jobs on a global scale.

Some job listing will provide you the name and contact information for the person responsible for hiring for the position and instructions on how you apply for the job.  Other new job listings on Cool Works listings on the site deposit you directly on the recruiting website for the business.  It is vital that you understand you will need to read about the listed job first and closely follow their application instructions.

Tools from Cool Works:

In addition to interesting opportunities to expand your CV, Cool Works offers:

  • RSS Feeds
  • A weekly newsletter.
  • A Cool Works email address for application purposes.

Cool Works also offers its own social network, called My Coolworks, which provides a number of discussion forums and blogs offering unique job search advice.

Cool Works for People Needing People

Cool Works also offers a unique package for employers, including job listing options, applicant tracking, business profiles and human resources oriented blogs.

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