It is important to make a fantastic impression when you go on a job interview, and this requires that you remain calm and composed.  If you look flustered, you will not appear confident.  Fortunately, it can be simple to calm your nerves before you begin a job interview.

Think of calm in terms of a checklist.

  • Always arrive early.  If you are late, you will enter the interview both upset and distracted.  Give yourself at least ten to fifteen minutes in the waiting room to calm your nerves before you begin the interview.
  • Practice deep-exercises.  Deep-breathing exercises are great for leading you to relaxation, taking the stress from both your body and mind.  Slowly inhale deeply through your nose, completely exhale through your mouth.  Do this for a few minutes.
  • Meditation is a favorite for some, but others will consider it new age quackery.  Even if you are not the type to meditate, find a calming phrase or a word that can help you erase anxiety.  Find a word like “peace” or “satisfaction,” something that will instill confidence as you walk into the interview room.
  • If your body is in knots you need to mentally assess all of your muscles.  Think of the muscles in your neck, arms, shoulders and legs and do your best to release the death-grip.  A body that is relaxed will help you feel and appear calm.
  • Make sure you have all of your ducks in a row before the interview.  Review any information in your folder about the company, and mentally rehearse your response to any questions you feel they plan to ask.
  • In the final moments before the interview begins, it is a good idea to use mental imagery as a way to calm your emotions.  Imagine a peaceful place, one you have conquered and consider safe, and stay there until it is time for the interview to begin.

Do not allow the checklist to become a burden, use it to develop and promote a credible and collected version of yourself.  Inner peace will keep the nerves under control and improve your chances for a successful interview.

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