Millennials are entering the workforce at an unprecedented rate.  As each generation enters the workplace, so do the nuances from their time.  This can make things difficult because there needs to be some compatibility for all generations, so that the most of each of their skills can be optimized.  Understanding and comes with benefits, and builds a productive workplace.

Millennials entering the workforce are being forced to overcome perception that they do not fit the description of a team player.

  • 14% of Human Resources professionals consider Millennials to be proficient communicators.
  • 11% of Human Resources professionals consider Millennials to be diligent workers when given any task.
  • 1% of Human Resources professionals believe that Millennials would be loyal if hired.

In other words, the majority of potential employers see Millennials as out-for-themselves; in search of a leadership role before they earn their stripes and ultimately a liability if hired.  Is the assessment fair?  It is not even remotely fair.

Each generation gets criticized by the one before it, Millennials have it particularly tough because every move they make is recorded for posterity in social media.

What tactics can Millennials use to stand out from the crowd, and quash the idea that they are dangerous to team dynamics?

Millennials need to understand that they need to be able to concisely explain to a Hiring Manager why they are the right candidate for the position.  This can be accomplished by actively pursuing freelance projects that build skills, while a job search is underway.  The projects can be used to build case studies of work that can prove worth to the potential employer.

Instead of submitting a resume to an online job board, Millennials should take their technological savvy and apply it in a unique and efficient way.  Consider conducting a search on LinkedIn to see who works at a company that is particularly interesting, and touching base with them directly to learn more about the company and explore any of the open opportunities.  Bosses are interested in getting the job done efficiently and effectively, being unique will produce the desired effect and open conversation.

Millennials are proving to be risk-averse, with fewer making the direct leap from college into a business of their own.  Risk does not need to be an “all or nothing” equation, a Millennial can create his or her own website for the purpose of landing freelance jobs during the search for corporate employment.  The website can be targeted in a manner which builds your credentials and credibility online, while illustrating to potential employers that skills are being honed.

Like any worker, a Millennial needs to be able to put down his or her computer and be able to articulate the value they can bring to an employer.  This can be accomplished by attending industry networking events, during which a job hunter can practice exhibiting the confidence required to set themselves apart from the rabble.

Millennials need to captain their own destiny, changing perceptions regarding their entire generation and giving Hiring Managers a reason to take a chance.

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