Looking for an executive-level position takes a certain amount of expertise and experience to back up your application. You also need to know how to apply and truly stand out as a candidate to your prospective employer. Whatever you do, avoid these mistakes during your executive job search.

Your Search Isn’t Targeted

First and foremost, a targeted search is necessary when you are looking for executive-level positions. When you are looking for a higher-level job, you don’t want to submit a bunch of online applications to random companies.

Instead, do your research and find out what businesses within the industry you would like to work with. Once you know what companies you would like to target, you can come up with a plan to network with others within the organization. Then, once a position opens up that you may be a good fit for, you already have one foot in the door.

The Materials You Sent In Aren’t Marketing Your Skills Well

If you aren’t getting called for an interview, chances are you weren’t a good fit for the position. Maybe you are applying for the wrong jobs, but you may also be marketing your skills poorly. If your resume and cover letter do not make a lasting impression, you likely won’t get that call.

Some common issues people overlook when sending in these materials are spelling errors, incorrect grammar, and an overly long cover letter. You may also get passed up on your executive job search if you’ve had long gaps in employment or job-hopping. It is also a good idea to list accomplishments and objectives rather than responsibilities and daily tasks.

Your Social Media Channels Are Inappropriate

When you apply for executive positions, employers tend to take a closer look at your social media channels and personal information. Try to keep your social media profiles free of controversial topics, nudity, profanity, political and religious views, and anything you wouldn’t want your employer to see. They don’t want to run the chance of you embarrassing yourself and, in turn, their organization, with something you post online.

Submission Instructions Weren’t Followed

Another mistake you might be making during your job search is not following instructions when it comes to submitting your resume. Some employers will ask for the document to be submitted in a specific format or through a specific channel. Many employers put these instructions in place to see how well you will follow them, to begin with. So, when you aren’t able to adhere to the directions given, you’re more likely to get passed up for the job.

Limiting Yourself to Online Postings

You also want to avoid limiting yourself to online job postings. Although many applications are online, you should also be working to network yourself within the industry. Many executive-level positions are not posted on job sites, so having contact with someone on the inside is a good idea.

Employing the help of a staffing agency can stop you from making these mistakes too. The team of professionals at the Staffing Resource Group is trained to help you find a position aligned with your career goals and skills set. Contact us to see how we can assist you.