Podcasts are an excellent way for life science professionals to stay on top of their industry. Many life science podcasts cover emerging trends and new research, making it easier to remain at the forefront of your field. Plus, podcasts are a portable format that you can enjoy during your commute, while on a break, or when taking a walk, making accessing the information convenient.

With the plethora of life science podcasts available, determining which ones provide the most value is challenging. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are five podcasts that all life scientists should try.

1. 5 Live Science Podcast

The 5 Live Science Podcast is produced by the BBC and covers recent news events that are relevant to the life sciences field. Featuring Dr. Chris and Naked Scientists, it covers topics like long COVID, how daylight savings impacts the body, emerging infections, the human microbiome, and more.

The content is both informative and accessible, making it interesting and easy to digest. Plus, it’s reasonably in-depth, giving listeners a solid foundation that could spark their curiosity to learn more.

2. Talking Biotech with Dr. Kevin Folta

Talking Biotech with Dr. Kevin Folta is a highly focused podcast that concentrates on the biotech industry. Dr. Folta is a molecular biology and genomics professor, so his insights alone are worth hearing. The podcast also features guests in relevant specialties, allowing listeners to learn from researchers, professors, and other professionals with in-depth experience in specific niches.

One benefit of this podcast is that some of the episodes are closer to 30 minutes long, making them ideal for the average commute. However, some are also longer.

3. Xtalks Life Science Podcast

The Xtalks Life Science Podcast is life science-focused so the information can benefit anyone in the field. The content also speaks to an educated, experienced audience, so you don’t have to spend time getting definitions of terms and concepts that are likely already familiar to you. This podcast also embraces a shorter format, with most of the episodes being less than 30 minutes long, making it convenient.

4. Science Magazine Podcast

Science Magazine has long been a trusted publication in the broader science industry, making the Science Magazine Podcast, and is an excellent option for a wide variety of scientific professionals. The content is comprehensive and designed to speak to a more educated audience, so it often goes well beyond the basics.

5. Being a Life Sciences Leader

Being a Life Sciences Leader is an intriguing podcast hosted by Chris Molineaux – Life Sciences Pennsylvania President and CEO – and Partner and Chair of the Health Sciences Department at Troutman Pepper, Rachael Bushey. They speak with company leaders currently working in the life sciences industry, allowing them to share their insights with a broad audience. It’s an enlightening option for anyone currently working in a management position or those who want to take their career in that direction.

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