5 Steps to Earn a Promotion by the End of the Year

5 Steps to Earn a Promotion by the End of the Year

Once you’ve been in the same role for a few years, you’ll usually set your sights on a promotion. Generally, the best way to go about securing one is to clearly demonstrate that you deserve the opportunity. That ensures that, if you make the request or apply for a higher-level internal role, you have examples that highlight why you’re worthy.

However, figuring out how to showcase yourself as deserving isn’t always intuitive. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are five steps that can get you moving in the right direction.

1. Continuously Exceed Expectations

First and foremost, continuously exceeding expectations is essential if you want to secure a promotion. In most cases, managers won’t promote or recommend employees that are simply doing the bare minimum. Instead, they’ll support those who actively try to shine at every opportunity.

When you’re given a task, take ownership of that responsibility. Consider how you can potentially do more than is expected, allowing you to highlight your dedication to providing exceptional results.

2. Help Your Colleagues Whenever Possible

Teamwork is critical in nearly every organization. Since that’s the case, showing that you’re the consummate team player can work in your favor. Once you’ve handled your tasks, reach out to colleagues to see if they can use support and, if so, do what you can to help them overcome challenges. That solidifies your reputation as a collaborative, helpful professional, increasing the odds that you’ll stand out to your manager.

3. Offer Praise and Encouragement (and Skip the Gossip)

When you talk about your workplace or colleagues, always prioritize praise and encouragement. Speaking poorly of team members, managers, or your employer won’t secure you any fans. Instead, it can make it seem like you have a negative attitude or actively try to push people down.

In contrast, highlighting others’ achievements, focusing on the positive, and discussing how a difficult situation can get turned around make you more pleasant to be around. Plus, your optimism may lift others up, helping them be at their best.

4. Boost Your Skillset

Generally speaking, higher-level roles require skills you may not have currently. Since that’s the case, boosting your skillset on your own time is wise. Along with adding technical capabilities, seizing opportunities to improve your soft skills. Both are vital in the workplace, so it’s wise to bolster your abilities in both areas if you want to shine.

5. Talk About Your Goals

In some cases, employees get passed over for opportunities simply because their managers didn’t know they’d be interested in them. If you’re hoping to land a promotion, it’s wise to schedule a one-on-one with your boss and discuss it.

Let them know you’d like to take the next step forward in your career and ask for insights about how that could become a reality. See if they can become your ally, helping you create a plan that gets you from where you are now to that next role. By doing so, you’re not only making your interest clear, but you’re securing critical support, increasing your odds of success.

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