Pretty much every industry is looking for ways to optimize their virtual processes, including their recruitment strategies. More people are working from home and, at the very least, are searching and applying for work from home during the pandemic. Needless to say, it is important for you to fine-tune your virtual professional recruitment process.

Start With a Phone Interview

It is common to begin the interview process with a phone call versus an in-person interview. Not only does it save time, but you can get a general feel for whether a candidate is a good fit or not within a 30-minute phone call. If, during your first call, you learn something about a candidate that makes you want to pursue further interviews. Second interviews may even be conducted over the phone, and for remote positions, video interviews are common as well.

Get Comfortable on Video

In the COVID-19 era, most meetings are occurring virtually, and this includes interviews. You should be comfortable with getting on video interviews with potential candidates. Know how the programs work and have the ability to assist with issues if they arise. It will also help you better focus on the questions and, more importantly, the answers you are receiving from the interviewee. Train your hiring managers in effective virtual interviewing techniques.

Be Set Up For Remote Onboarding

From receiving hiring paperwork to training, you need to be set up for virtual onboarding. Have a plan. If this is something brand new for your business, establish a process for how virtual onboarding and training should work. Your human resources department should provide them with everything they need and send out a thorough welcome email. Shortly after hiring someone new, you should also set up regular virtual meetings with their managers and close team members. It is also important to have a fairly good plan about what they will be doing the first two weeks on the job.

Stick With Your Regular Hiring Process

Although you are shifting to virtually hiring people, you shouldn’t waver in the expectations of your candidates. For instance, if you typically require a new employee to interview three times, have each interview three times. The only thing that should change about your process is the fact that it is not occurring in-person.

Hold Virtual Job Fairs and Hiring Events

Thanks to technology, there are plenty of ways for you to shift your recruitment efforts to virtual events, such as virtual job fairs. You can invite potential candidates to these online events. This will give them a chance to meet the hiring managers as well as take virtual tours of the office. Another good thing to include in virtual events with candidates is Q&A sessions. Look for ways to engage them while simultaneously educating them about your company’s culture. This is a good way to keep tapped into your talent pool at all times.

If you are looking for additional ways to improve your virtual recruitment, contact us. Our professionals can help you optimize your hiring process.