6 Reasons a Staffing Agency is the Most Efficient Way to Fill Government Jobs

6 Reasons a Staffing Agency is the Most Efficient Way to Fill Government Jobs

There is a nationwide talent shortage, making it difficult for employers to find the right new hires for their needs. Government positions are even harder to fill with the extensive background checks and experience needed. When it comes to filling government jobs, a staffing agency can be a great tool. Below are a few reasons you might choose a firm like the Staffing Resource Group to fill positions with your organization.

Candidates are Already Vetted

One of the biggest perks of working with a staffing agency to fill government jobs is that each candidate has already been vetted. Agencies perform background and reference checks, review resumes, and interview candidates. If they seem to be a good fit for the position, they are forwarded to you, the employer. You don’t have to worry about spending time getting credentials or vetting them. It’s already been done!

Reduces the Risk of a New Hire

A bad hire can cost your organization a lot of money, as much as an entire year’s salary for the position you are trying to fill. When you work with an agency, it reduces the overall risk of a new hire. This is because they have already been vetted, and oftentimes, the recruiter has an established relationship with the candidate.

Give the Employee a Trial Run

Before hiring someone full-time, you can bring on a temporary worker to see if they are a good fit. Working with a staffing agency will give you access to vetted temp workers that have expressed interest in the kind of work you are providing. If you decide they aren’t going to work out, all you have to do is contact the staffing agency to find someone new. It’s that simple.

Most Government Jobs Are Temporary

In all reality, most jobs are temporary these days. The average worker only stays at their place of employment for two to three years before departing for a new job. Around 20% of all workers in the United States are hired on a temp basis. That said, government agencies have always hired temporary workers at a higher rate than other sectors. Contract workers are often used for specific projects and other temporary needs. Staffing agencies already have access to candidates looking for temp work. By partnering with one, you can fill short-term jobs quickly.

Scale Based on Your Needs

You need to be able to staff your organization fully during the busiest times, but being able to scale back during other times of the year can be beneficial too. As mentioned above, contractors are often used on a project-by-project basis. You can also address increased demand or busy seasons by utilizing temp workers. The best way to source short-term employees is through a staffing agency.

It Saves Money

At the end of the day, hiring a staffing agency makes the entire hiring process more efficient, which saves time and money. There is a set budget for the agency to recruit and hire someone new. On top of that, you won’t spend any time or money on background checks, reviewing resumes, etc.

Work with the Staffing Resource Group to find the right candidates for your defense jobs. Learn more about our experience in placing government workers and how we can help you.

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