How Effective Is Your Elevator Pitch?

As a defense professional, having an effective elevator pitch can help you expand your network, connect with different audiences, and even secure new job opportunities. In the simplest sense, an elevator pitch is a rapid-fire introduction, allowing you to showcase the best of what you have to offer in no

A Three-Level Approach to Assessing Your Next Move

As a life science professional, keeping your career on target can often mean having to find new job opportunities on occasion. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy or intuitive to figure out whether it’s the right time to make a move. That’s why you need a reliable strategy. In many cases,

Making Recruiter Introductions: Your Gateway to Dream Jobs

For defense professionals actively seeking out new employment opportunities (or those who may do so in the near future), connecting with recruiters is an excellent move. Recruiters can help you gain access to more opportunities in the defense sector. Plus, they often serve as your advocate, actively marketing you to

Daily Habits to Boost Your Brain

Life science professionals need to rely on their mental faculties to succeed in their roles, which is why staying sharp is essentially a must. While you likely face your fair share of intellectual challenges on the job, embracing daily habits that help you think in different ways, gather new information,

Steering Clear of Common Job Search Mistakes

Many defense professionals want to start the new year off with a new position, causing them to launch a job search. While seeking out opportunities may seem simple on the surface, small missteps along the way can cost you opportunities. If you want to ensure your career success and find

LinkedIn’s ‘Open to Work’ Feature

Whether you’re a life science professional actively seeking out new job opportunities or one that simply wants to keep their career options open, LinkedIn’s “Open to Work” feature may help you connect with employers. However, many life science pros worry that using it may make them look desperate or that

Spotting the 4 Red Flags of a Self-Awareness Gap

Self-awareness is a surprisingly critical skill in the workplace. Without it, defense professionals often have trouble navigating the environment effectively. In a worst-case scenario, individuals who lack self-awareness are incredibly disruptive and extremely damaging to morale. Many defense professionals assume that they’re highly self-aware. However, it’s easy to miss details

Supply Chain Management in Pharma: Ensuring Efficient Drug Distribution

In recent years, many industries have been plagued by supply chain challenges. In the pharmaceutical industry, delays and obstacles are especially problematic. They can slow the production and distribution of critical medications, and the lack of availability of a treatment can put the population at risk. As a life science

Navigating the Big Stay: How to Keep Your Life Science Career on Track

Following the pandemic, many life science professionals re-evaluated their lives, particularly when it came to their employment. Starting in 2021 and throughout 2022, professionals in a wide array of sectors began voluntarily leaving their positions. The sheer volume of people shifting around led to a period that was dubbed “the