The Power of Antibody Drug Conjugates in Cancer Treatment

The landscape of cancer therapy is witnessing a transformative era with the advent of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), a class of therapeutics that ingeniously combines the specificity of antibodies with the potency of chemotherapy drugs. This groundbreaking science heralds a new dawn in oncology, promising to refine cancer treatment by offering

Exploring Osmotic Controlled Release Oral Drug Delivery

The pharmaceutical industry continuously innovates to enhance the efficacy and patient compliance of drug therapies. One such advancement is the osmotic controlled release oral drug delivery system (OROS), which represents a significant leap forward in medication administration. Here’s a look at the intricacies of OROS, including its mechanism, components, benefits,

What Is Workplace Wellness? A Company Wellness Program That Benefits Everyone

In recent years, wellness in the workplace has become a hot topic, including in the life sciences industry. While the movement began long before COVID-19, the pandemic put wellness into the spotlight, causing life sciences companies and professionals alike to view this need differently. Today, having a comprehensive workplace wellness

See How Our Staffing Services Can Enhance Your Business

Finding top defense talent is increasingly difficult for companies that handle their own hiring. The process of creating enticing job announcements, screening applicants, and coordinating interviews is cumbersome at best and often pulls hiring managers away from other critical responsibilities. Fortunately, there is a better strategy. By partnering with the

Are You Still Hiring? We Can Help

Today, life sciences companies are facing significant hiring challenges. A tight labor market combined with shifting views on work is making it difficult for organizations to find candidates. Couple that with pervasive skill gaps, and many life sciences companies are dealing with extended hiring timelines, often with seemingly little recourse.

Increasing Benefits While Decreasing Risk

Today, defense organizations are struggling to secure and retain the exceptional talent they need to thrive. In part, this is due to a broader labor shortage, which is hindering companies in nearly every industry. However, shifts in worker sentiment are also playing a role in the equation. Ultimately, the pandemic

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Choosing SRG For Your Career

When you’re looking for new opportunities in the defense industry, choosing the right approach is essential. Many defense candidates assume that managing a search on their own is the best option. However, job searches can be incredibly cumbersome, particularly if you’re currently employed. Additionally, by tackling it on your own,

6 Conversations That You Can Have with Your Employees to Improve Retention

In the aftermath of the pandemic and Great Resignation, many companies are continuing to struggle when it comes to retention. Top performers typically have options when it comes to their employers, causing many to seize the moment if they aren’t fully satisfied with their job. While some companies may assume

How to Create a Workplace That Attracts the Best Talent

When you want to tap into the best defense talent, having an inviting, comfortable workplace is essential. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to keep highly skilled professionals on board. Ultimately, exceptionally talented candidates have options when it comes to their employers. Since most prefer environments that support their success, defense companies need

Post-COVID Employee Handbook Updates to Make

COVID-19 substantially altered the workplace, requiring many companies to revise policies on the fly. While the pandemic is still a concern, the landscape is changing. As a result, it’s wise for employers to review their employee handbooks to see what permanent updates are necessary. Ultimately, an employee handbook only provides