Common Obstacles to Hiring in a COVID Environment

Common Obstacles to Hiring in a COVID Environment

For employers, COVID-19 has introduced an entirely new set of problems to solve. New safety measures in most workplaces and remote jobs are changing the way interviewing, onboarding, training, and employee relations are handled. Be prepared for some of the following obstacles while you are hiring in a COVID environment.

Positions Have a Longer Fill Time

During the pandemic, it is taking longer to fill open positions for a number of reasons. Many people are not looking to leave their current jobs right now if they are employed. Those looking for work may not have the particular skills you are looking for. Then, once you find candidates to interview, the process is taking a bit longer due to social distancing requirements. Have a planned-out hiring process.

Advertising Costs May Increase

Because so many people are searching for talent and work simultaneously, the cost for your business to advertise may rise in a COVID environment as well. Posting your open job positions to sites could cost more than normal and still not supply you with the candidates you are looking for. To combat this, you can consider working with a recruitment agency to help you fill the job. You will still pay a fee, but it may be less than advertising costs.

The Interview Process is Changing

As mentioned above, the interview process has changed dramatically. Interviewing in-person is fairly rare right now. In many cases, companies are performing video interviews. You should be prepared for video interviews as well. If you are able to schedule an in-person interview, be sure to follow social distancing and CDC-recommended protocol.

Jobs That Require Relocation Are Hard to Fill

In a regular environment, the idea of relocating may be exciting to someone looking for a new career. During the pandemic, however, that may seem more daunting and stressful than it is worth. Finding a way to market the position to potential employees to relocate can be tough. Consult with professional recruiters to see how your job posting can be improved to attract more talent.

Salary Requirements Can Be Difficult to Meet

The COVID environment has made it hard for many businesses to pay their staff, let alone a new team member. If you need additional talent added to your team, you may not have much of a budget to work within the current economy. Consider whether the position can be part-time or filled by a contractor. This can help you get quality talent for the price your company can afford at this time.

Recruitment Strategies Need to Be Proactive

It is extremely difficult to stay up to date with every single change that happens in the recruiting world. To ensure you are using best practices and offering competitive rates, you will need to stay informed on the latest practices. It is important to have a solid recruitment plan for your company and know what you are able to offer.

You can partner with a firm like Staffing Resource Group who will ensure you are getting the best talent for your budget as well as assist in remedying each of the COVID-related obstacles above. They can help you fill interim to permanent positions and have access to a talent pool catered to your industry in a COVID environment and beyond.

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