Many professionals take breaks from their careers, either intentionally or otherwise. For some, the pandemic made stepping away from work a necessity, allowing them to care for children or loved ones with greater ease. However, others are motivated to take a step back for other reasons, ranging from simply needing a break to figuring out how to tackle a career change.

Regardless of why you shifted away from the workforce, it’s often wise to ease back into the job market instead of jumping in with both feet. It gives you a chance to adjust, ensuring you can maintain balance while you reacclimate to work. If you want to make that process easier, here are some tips that can help.

Consider Part-Time

Few approaches are as effective at easing you back into the job market as starting with a part-time position. It limits the number of hours you’ll work during a week, which can make the transition simpler to manage. Plus, it allows you more time to handle personal responsibilities, something that may be crucial if you were handling household tasks that you’ll need to maintain.

Part-time jobs let you figure out how much you can comfortably shoulder strategically. If you begin working and realize that taking on more is an option, you can request more hours or start seeking out a full-time role. If you discover that the number of hours is as much as you can handle, then you can stay part-time to maintain balance.

Look for Flexibility

Flexibility can make getting back into the workforce far easier. If you have the ability to adjust your schedule to meet your needs, you might discover that work-life balance is easier to achieve. Additionally, it gives you the agility you need to handle the unexpected or manage personal responsibilities you need to cover.

Precisely what you seek out could vary depending on your career. You may be able to find a workplace that’s purely results-driven, allowing you to work at any time. Otherwise, you might need to focus on workplaces that only require everyone to be present during core hours – allowing you to handle the rest at times that work for you – or that are willing to adapt to emergencies as they arise.

Explore Temporary Positions

If your career makes heading to a workplace and maintaining a traditional full-time schedule essential, temporary jobs could be the ideal way to ease back into the job market. You can choose opportunities with shorter durations initially, giving you a built-in end date that can serve as a chance to take a break. Then, you can line up another temp position, essentially alternating between working full-time and stepping away until you have your confidence back.

Ultimately, temporary jobs are highly varied. Some may last for just a few days, while others may continue for weeks, months, or even a year. Since that’s the case, you can often find options that align best with your needs, making easing back into the job market a genuine possibility.

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