First Impressions Matter: How to Ace This in a Virtual World

First Impressions Matter: How to Ace This in a Virtual World

As you know, first impressions can make or break a job interview. It can be difficult to determine whether or not you made a good first impression in a virtual workspace. Here are a few sure-fire ways to ace it.

Dress for The Job

Even in a remote environment, you should dress professionally. Not only will this give your potential employer a good impression, but it will also improve your mindset about the interview. When you dress for the job you want, you display more confidence and “look” the part. In other words, the interviewer can see you in the position.

Consider What Is in The Background

Don’t only consider your work background but consider what is in the background of your video call. You won’t want your potential employer to see dirty laundry, inappropriate art, or untidy surroundings. Make sure anything in the camera view is neat and looks professional.

Show Up on Time

It may not occur to applicants that timeliness is important in a virtual environment as well. If the video conference is not available until the host opens the chat, be ready and waiting when the room opens. Your timeliness in your interview will translate into your reliability and how well you can meet deadlines.

Be Prepared

Take time to prepare for any virtual interaction. When you are prepping for an interview, take the time to review the company’s website and come up with questions for the interviewer. You should also have samples as well as a link to your portfolio readily available as well. Having these things on hand will make you appear to be organized, which is always a good first impression to make.

Practice Good Eye Contact

Whether you practice with a colleague or friend, take time to make sure you know how to make good eye contact on video conference calls. Practice being engaged in a virtual discussion and check your regular mannerisms, such as talking with your hands or fiddling with your hair. These things give the employer an idea about your communication skills. Not only does this give them a good idea of whether you are a good fit for the job at hand, but they are also gauging whether or not your communication style is a fit for the company culture overall.

Continue to Be Responsive Beyond the Interview

Finally, you can continue to make a good impression in a virtual world by continuing to be responsive beyond the interview period. Start by following up with a “thank you” email after your interview. Be sure to include your contact information and how they can best reach you. Continue to keep in contact until they have filled the position. This will help them see you as a good communicator and will also keep you at the top of the pile in terms of resumes.

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