Highest Paying Life Sciences Fields to Consider

Highest Paying Life Sciences Fields to Consider

The life sciences field can lead to a fulfilling career. Many people working in life sciences are highly satisfied with their careers and the impact they are making on the industry. Whether you are looking for a job in the field or trying to pinpoint your area of concentration, these are the highest-paying jobs in the life sciences field today.

Where are the Highest Paying Jobs in Life Sciences?

In the life sciences field, jobs are typically divided into two groups: academic and non-academic positions. Believe it or not, academic jobs are some of the highest paying in the field. Set aside roles such as CEO and CFO in industry roles, these are some of the highest paying jobs in life sciences.

High-Paying Fields

There are so many different fields to consider in life sciences. If you are looking to earn a certain pay range, below are the highest paying life sciences fields.

  1. Biotechnology: The average annual salary in biotechnology sits at $140,091. This will vary depending on your emphasis and job title.
  2. Clinical research: Clinical research is the next highest-paying sector, with an average salary of $139,434 annually.
  3. Genomics: Jobs in genomics have an average salary of $119,994.
  4. Immunology: Immunology professionals can expect to earn $103,159 on average.
  5. Genetics: People working in genetics earn an average salary of $97,815.
  6. Biochemistry: Working in biochemistry will net you an average salary of $97,142.
  7. Chemistry: Chemistry-specific positions earn an average salary of $93,100.
  8. Microbiology: Professionals working in microbiology see an annual salary averaging around $89,312.
  9. Molecular biology: It is estimated that the average salary in molecular biology is $86,328.
  10. Oncology: Oncology professionals can expect to earn an average salary of $86,112.

Top Jobs in Academia

Within the academic fields, there are many high-paying jobs. Salaries and pay will vary depending on the institution that hires you. However, these are the top five positions you can hold in academia in life sciences and the average annual earnings.

  1. College or university department head: Average annual salary of $159,022.
  2. Professor: Average annual earnings of $151,825
  3. Associate professor: Salary averages around $105,499
  4. Assistant professor: Average salary of $90,899
  5. College instructor: Annual earnings of $74,964, on average

Top Positions in Nonacademic Work

Not everyone wants to work in academia, and that’s okay. There are still plenty of high-paying jobs in non-academic sectors. Here are some of the salaries that tip the scales.

  1. Senior researcher: $129,007 annual salary
  2. Government non-supervisory pro: Average $98,198 salary
  3. Staff scientist: Average annual salary of $91,447
  4. Laboratory manager: Average $67,951 yearly salary
  5. Research technician: Salary of $55,140

It should be noted that certain titles in the life sciences fields will net you higher pay as well. For example, people holding the title of Vice President in life sciences earn more than $391,000 annually.

The Future of Life Sciences

The future of the life sciences fields is bright. Each different sector within life sciences is continuing to grow, and new technology is introduced almost constantly. Pursuing a career in life sciences can lead to an exciting, rewarding career.

Working with an agency like the Staffing Resource Group can put you in touch with jobs in the life sciences field that match your long-term career goals and salary expectations. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in your search.