How Digital Pharma is Impacting the COVID Crisis

How Digital Pharma is Impacting the COVID Crisis

Digital pharma is providing solutions to companies during the COVID-19 crisis. With more drug companies recognizing digital manufacturing solutions, the pharma culture is changing. Here are a few ways digital pharma is impacting the COVID crisis.

Manufacturing More Than Vaccines

It is not necessarily the question of how digital pharma is impacting COVID, but how the pandemic is affecting pharma as a whole. While it may seem obvious that the entire pharmaceutical world has been focused on developing a vaccine, there have been a lot of other things the industry has been focused on as well. Digital pharma is focused on a holistic approach to attacking the COVID-19 pandemic.

This means many digital manufacturing companies in the pharma industry have shifted their focus. Instead, they are using their resources to create products used to treat COVID. Some pharma factories have shifted to creating personal protective equipment (PPE). Others have shifted into manufacturing medications that are being used to treat coronavirus symptoms. Whatever the case may be, digital pharma has shifted its focus almost solely to solving the COVID-19 crisis.


Businesses who are adapting to new technologies are beginning to see their investments in tech pay off during the pandemic. It is forcing companies to approach multiple different aspects of the crisis at a time. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been finding new ways to improve traceability through developing software and programs.

One of the best ways to prevent and slow the spread is through contact tracing, so pharma companies are finding a way to meet those needs as well. For the most part, pharmaceutical manufacturers are digitizing their process more to address inefficiencies in the system. Therefore, they are improving the way the public can trace contact and decrease the risk of further spreading the virus.

Safety Compliance

Digitizing pharma companies will also help improve safety compliance across the board. When you make the process digital, there is less room for error. It can also help you keep certain things, like tracing, confidential. Generally, digital pharma companies have better manufacturing operations than non-digital businesses. They can adhere to larger needs and safety protocols more readily.

Different Talent Needs

Last but not least, COVID-19 and the rise of digital pharma have changed the talent needs of many companies. Now more businesses are in need of software developers and programmers in addition to their vaccine researchers. For many pharma companies, this is a huge shift in their normal hiring process if they have not implemented digital practices in the past.

Additionally, the need for flexible staffing in pharma is bigger than ever. Searching for contract workers, part-time help, or full-time employees may differ based on your business’ particular needs. If you have been considering how you can improve your staffing process, partnering with a recruitment agency can help. The Staffing Resource Group can offer recommendations and information about how to best appeal to top talent in your industry. Contact us to see how you can benefit from a partnership.

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