When you want to tap into the best defense talent, having an inviting, comfortable workplace is essential. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to keep highly skilled professionals on board.

Ultimately, exceptionally talented candidates have options when it comes to their employers. Since most prefer environments that support their success, defense companies need to ensure they’re meeting that need.

Fortunately, it isn’t challenging to create a workplace that attracts the best talent. By cultivating the right culture and having the proper features, you can ensure that your company stands out from the pack. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some options to consider.

Embrace Feedback and Recognition at Every Level

Feedback and recognition are both powerful tools in the workplace. Well-delivered constructive criticism and active coaching by managers support the growth and development of defense professionals, all without any unnecessary tension. Regular recognition shows employees that their efforts are seen and appreciated, making them feel valued.

Ideally, you want feedback and recognition to flow freely at every level. Invite employees to offer constructive criticism if it can help the company or a manager improve. Along with ensuring managers show gratitude for their team’s efforts, encourage colleagues to recognize their coworkers and managers.

By using that approach, feedback and recognition become core parts of the culture. In turn, it can make the workplace more attractive to top talent, easing recruitment woes.

Break Down Informational and Social Silos

Silos are inherently problematic in the defense industry. When information doesn’t move correctly through an organization, it can harm overall efficiency. Often, stagnate communication means some employees don’t have all of the information they require, causing them to handle tasks based on old parameters or otherwise waste time using the now incorrect approach. Over time, this leads to frustration, which can harm the culture.

Similarly, social silos can be equally damaging. While not every employee will become friends, a clique-heavy environment can leave many people feeling left out. In some cases, those small social groupings may even turn toxic, creating a negative atmosphere that harms recruitment and retention.

As a result, it’s critical to break down informational and social silos in your organization. By embracing mechanisms and practices that promote strong communication and team-building, everyone has the details they need to thrive. Plus, the environment feels more welcoming, which can make it easier to attract top talent.

Have the Right Tools Available for the Job

If you look at your workplace in a more physical sense, ensuring every employee has access to the right tools for their job matters. When workers have to improvise due to the lack of a needed tool, the end result is often diminished. Plus, the approach is inefficient, leading to wasted time and, often, frustration.

Examine each core role and determine what the employees genuinely need from their workplace. Think about space requirements, equipment, software, workstations, and any other aspect of the experience. If your workplace falls short when it comes to the tools it provides, fix the issue. That can serve as a selling point during recruitment, making it easier to achieve your goals.

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