When you are entering the biopharma field fresh out of college, there are a million things running through your mind. You have to make the decision about whether you want to pursue a career in academia or the growing biotech industry. Hours are spent polishing your resume, and you spend even more time applying to open jobs. If you want your application to be considered by recruiters, avoid doing these things.

Don’t Customize Your Resume

You should customize your resume for every application you submit. Recruiters will take note of when you do. Your resumes should list relevant experience and focus on skills the employer is looking for. It will help the recruiter market you to potential employers too. However, if you don’t customize your resume and hone in on the skills that make you an asset in the industry, recruiters are more likely to pass up your application.

Neglect Doing Your Research

Applicants should also perform research about the companies they are applying to. Coming into a meeting with a recruiter completely blind is a bad idea. When you take the time to research some companies in the industry and come to your meeting with them informed, you will make a better impression. It will also be easier to place you in a position if they know what type of companies you are interested in.

Miss Including a Cover Letter

Cover letters are a must to be considered for higher-level positions. You will need to craft a cover letter catered to the job you are applying for. Be sure to highlight why they should take the time to consider your application and thank them for their time in reviewing your hiring materials.

Lying to the Recruiter

Honesty is the best policy when you are communicating with your recruiter. You don’t want to lie to them about anything. If you got fired from a job, tell them so. If there is a gap in your work history, explain it. They will be able to help you work around any bumps in your job history by framing them differently. If you aren’t upfront about this information, they won’t be able to help you. Then, once they find out you lied, it will be hard for your recruiter to trust you and, ultimately, place you.

Being Closed Off to Other Opportunities

Recruiters are professionally trained to place you in a position that matches your career goals, experience, and cultural needs. You need to be open to other opportunities if they come up. They’ve done their research and know where you would flourish in your career. If you are closed off to different opportunities, it will make placing you harder. It will also make recruiters pass up your application when new positions arise because they assume you won’t be interested unless it fits your specific criteria. Instead, discuss your career goals with them and allow them to help you find jobs that will help you advance.

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