Pursuing a career in life sciences and vaccine research is exciting. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many blossoming researchers have been looking for ways to use their skills and expertise to land a new job. There are some things you will need to consider before embarking on your search though. Here is how to land a job in vaccine research.


First and foremost, before you pursue a career in vaccine research, be sure you have the education to back up your application. Typically, you will need at least a Bachelor’s degree and, more often than not, a Master’s degree as well. Consider whether you may need additional education prior to pursuing the career you want.

Know Your Career Goals

 Know what direction you want your research career to go. Have goals for yourself and identify what needs to be done to achieve them. This means you need to be aware of educational requirements, as mentioned above. Many research positions will also require you to have a certain level of experience or lab work in your job history. If you eventually want to be able to run a vaccine research lab, you will need to speak with others who have achieved that goal and inquire about what it takes to get there.

Seek Out Mentorship

Another great thing vaccine researchers can do is find someone in the industry to mentor them. Mentorship programs and internships can help you gain more experience in the field, making you more valuable to potential employers. Not to mention, if you establish a good relationship with your mentor, they will more than likely write you glowing letters of recommendation for whatever career you pursue.

Network With Others

Similar to seeking out mentorship, you should also network with other individuals in the vaccine research field. By networking with people who are already established in the field, you can get an idea of what it will take to land a job in vaccine research. You will also make connections with individuals who can help you get your foot in the door. Additionally, networking can give you a good idea of the company’s culture and whether or not it is a place you’d enjoy working for altogether.

Where to Find Vaccine-Related Jobs

In general, vaccine research jobs are available at the university, industry, and government levels. For the most part, these projects are funded through grants or federal funds to pay their employees. This can be on a part-time, full-time, or contractual basis. Be open to different levels of involvement when you first begin to look. Getting your foot in the door is half the battle. New positions may open up within the organization down the road.

Work With Professional Staffing Agencies

Working with a recruitment agency can help tremendously when you are searching for a job in a highly sought-after field. Not only can staffing agencies put you in touch with companies that are hiring, but they can take a look at your skills set and experience to put you in a position for success when interviewing. See what kind of jobs the Staffing Resource Group can help you land.