Many companies are experiencing higher-than-average levels of turnover right now. It is being referred to as “The Great Resignation.” There isn’t an industry in the world that isn’t being impacted by it in some way. Employers have to make adjustments to navigate the high level of turnover they are seeing. Take these steps to support your workforce through this time.

Train Your Managers Frequently

It is important to train your managers regularly to help build certainty about their future with the company. Continuing to train them shows them you are willing to invest in their careers. It makes them able to see a future with the company and less likely to seek out employment elsewhere. They will also feel more confident and secure in their position.

Hold Regular Check-Ins With Your Staff

Checking in with your employees is a key part of retention. Ask about their priorities and workload. You should also ask about how they are feeling about their work. These questions can help you gauge how engaged they are with their jobs and if they are having any problems.

Give Managers the Tools They Need to Communicate

Don’t tell your managers to communicate with their staff more and not give them the tools they need. For example, a manager may ask an employee if they are having trouble with anything. The employee may respond that they are really struggling with something, professional or personal. To address their needs, the manager should have resources they can tap into. These may include mental health services, wellness support solutions, or work-related resources.

Create More Space for Your Employees

Ask if there is something you can take off their plate. This can help create more space for your employees to focus on the most important projects. You can also look for other ways to lessen the load on managers and employees. For instance, many businesses have utilized automation to take certain tasks off their employees. Time-consuming processes that aren’t providing a lot of value can be put on hold temporarily while a better approach is found.

Balance the Workload

A lot of the time, managers wind up taking a lot of the workload when employees quit. It is important to be realistic about how much work one person can do though. Even if an employee eagerly takes the work, be cautious about how much they take on. If someone takes on an additional task or new project, try to balance it by taking something off their plate. This will prevent your team from getting burnt out and help reduce turnover all around.

Get Help From Staffing Professionals

Partnering with an agency like the Staffing Resource Group can help your company navigate through times of high turnover. Our team of recruiters is on standby to help you with your hiring needs. We can assist you with recruiting contract workers, part-time employees, or direct hires. Best of all, we can help you fill the positions quickly. Learn more about hiring talent with the Staffing Resource Group.

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