How to Utilize Your Network to Find Your Next Position

How to Utilize Your Network to Find Your Next Position

Networking can be a helpful tool when you are looking for a new job. It puts you in touch with other people in the industry, helps you stay relevant, and learn more about your career. You really can’t overstate the power of a strong network. Here is how you can utilize your network to find your next job.

Check Your Social Profiles

Before you even start your job search or tap into your professional network you should review your social media profiles. Take a look anywhere you have a presence online and scrub for inappropriate posts and unprofessional material. Employers often search your social media pages to get a feel for your personality and whether or not you’ll be a good fit for the job.

You also don’t want to display inappropriate behavior on social media if you are trying to network. Your connections will remember bad posts and not want to put forth a good word for you. After all, you don’t put forth a professional image.

Start With Your Current Contacts

Once you’ve scrubbed your social media profiles take a moment to review your current contacts. Reach out to your friends, family, coworkers, colleagues, neighbors, LinkedIn connections, and other people you’ve established a relationship with. Ask them if they can check for any openings with their company.

Many people will say they will get back to you. Simply ask them to keep you in mind if there are any open positions. Explain that you are looking and give a brief summary of your work experience. This will give them an idea of what kinds of jobs you might be a good fit for or if they know of anything within their company or network.

Assess Relationships

Now that you’ve dusted off your contact book, assess where those relationships stand. Maybe you’ve started making some calls and realized you haven’t been plugged into your network very often recently.

You may have some dormant contacts on your list. Dormant contacts are people you haven’t spoken to in a long time (six months or more). Try to reconnect with these people via social media, email, telephone. Don’t make any personal requests right away. Just restart a conversation with them. Inquire about their career, current position, and personal life. Rebuild the relationship before you ask anything of them.

Focus on Organizations That Interest You

If you want to continue to build your professional network start visiting organizations you are interested in within the industry. Drop in with a copy of your resume in person and ask reception to meet with the human resources manager. Tap into your network and see if you know anyone working there that can put in a good word.

Enlisting the help of a recruiter can be a life-saver during your job search too. Staffing agencies can put your resume in front of numerous employers at once, making it more likely that you’ll get an offer. Not to mention, professional recruiters can also give you career advice and tips for polishing your resume. Contact the experts at the Staffing Resource Group to see how our team can help you find your next position.

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