Is Responsiveness Your Key to Recruiting Top Biopharma Talent?

Is Responsiveness Your Key to Recruiting Top Biopharma Talent?

During the hiring process, the way a potential employer communicates with applicants can make-or-break a potential professional partnership. Unresponsive employers can have a harder time finding the talent they need. Here are a few things to think of when you are communicating with potential candidates.

Applicants Will Note Your Unresponsiveness

Many employers are hesitant to reach out with “no, thank you” emails, however, many candidates say they would rather that than no communication at all. When a job application goes unanswered, many candidates have some negative opinions about the company. That will extend to others in the industry over time.

When you communicate in an effective way and timely manner, your business seems more organized and together. Employees are more excited about applying for positions with companies that are well-organized.

Even more, top talent and executive-level employees are more likely to consider applying when you are known as a responsive and organized business. In some of the most organized communication efforts, businesses even detail when they are looking to fill the position as well as contact information for people who are involved in hiring. This makes you more accessible to applicants.

You Are Affecting Your Brand

Any time you communicate or don’t, you are sending out a message about your brand. Candidates will speak to other individuals in the industry about their application experience with your company. Unresponsiveness can decrease your risk of getting more applicants interested. It can also hurt your chances of getting top talent to apply at all.

Don’t treat the candidate or anyone involved as if they are in the midst of a transaction. Instead, find ways to personalize the experience and reach out to each candidate. Many businesses have found ways to automate this process over time. Either way, being responsive provides a positive reflection of your company.

Find Ways to Outsource Communication

As mentioned above, many companies have begun to automate the way they communicate with candidates. In some cases, keywords are used to turn down or push forward certain candidates. Then, an automated email is sent out to the candidate who will not move forward as well as the one who will. Although this is a little hands-off, it helps candidates know where they are in the application process and lets them move forward in their job search.

Another way you can automate or outsource the process is by partnering with a staffing agency. Recruiters can help take care of communication during the application process and beyond. In fact, they can assist you in posting the job, finding top talent to choose from, and all of the communication in between.

Working with a recruitment agency can also help manage your responses to potential candidates. Professional recruitment consultants can help you with your search for biopharma talent and match you with an employee who meets your company’s needs. Contact us to see how the Staffing Resource Group can be of assistance to your organization.

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