There are a number of things you need to think about while looking for a new job. Networking can greatly increase your chances of landing a job interview. This is because it gives you a way to talk with people who are already working in the field or within the organization you are looking to land a position in. Here are a few networking tips to help you land your next job.

Practice General Networking

General networking refers to connecting with and talking to people you already know. This type of networking is usually a bit easier because you are already familiar with the person and they are familiar with you. Provide some information to them about what exactly you are looking for and how their advice or help may be of assistance to you. When you connect with someone you already know, they are more likely to help or put you in contact with other individuals in the industry. Sometimes general networking may mean meeting at a coffee shop to discuss things or simply taking a break midday to meet up. Keep an open mind when it comes to general networking with people you know. 

Attend Networking Events

Although many in-person events are not taking place due to COVID-19, there are still many virtual networking events to take part in. Identify conferences and other events you may be interested in. This can include everything from alumni events at your alma mater to career-focused conferences. A good way to find some of these may be through social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also check out professional organizations within your industry and find the events they are hosting. Plan to regularly attend these events in your industry and put them on your calendar.

Use Networking for Information

You can use networking to get more information about companies and jobs as well. Be sure to let the person you are reaching out to know that this is your purpose then see if you can schedule a time to talk to learn more. By doing this, you not only make a new connection, but you are also gaining knowledge of the company, what they are looking for in an ideal employee, and where your skills set may fit in. After your chat, you may consider asking if there is an employee referral program in the organization. If there is, inquire about whether they would recommend you or not. 

Nurture Your Network

Once you have a network established, don’t ignore it. You will need to regularly nurture your contacts and still be looking for new connections as well. To do this, look for opportunities to reach out and try and stay in touch with them as best you can. You may also consider ways you can help the people you meet. This can be done by introducing them to someone they may benefit from or it could be as simple as sharing information. After all, networking is a relationship so you want to be giving back to the individuals you connect with.

Work With a Staffing Agency

Job seekers may also want to consider working with a staffing agency to find the right position for their skills and career goals. Professional recruiters can help you fine-tune your resume, identify companies and positions that may be a good fit, and help you prepare for the interview process.

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