It’s never too late to start your career. In fact, being a more seasoned candidate can play to your advantage. After all, you have plenty of valuable skills to offer. Here are a few tips to help you look for a new career later in life.

Decide What You Want To Do

The first step in embarking on your new career is to decide what you want to do. Are you going to completely switch industries? Will you need to get higher education or certifications? You should also have an idea as to what kind of salary and benefits you are looking for. All of this is important, especially later in life. You will want to work in a position that allows you to plan for retirement and continue to support your current lifestyle.

Make a List of Skills You Have

Take a moment to list out the skills you have. Include general transferable skills as well as more specialized knowledge. Then take your list of skills and compare them to the skills necessary for the career you wish to pursue. What are you lacking and how can you fill in the gaps? For instance, you may need to take a few courses to gain the necessary skills to get the job you want.

You should also emphasize any technology experience you have. Oftentimes, people over 50 are discriminated against because they aren’t thought to be as tech-savvy as younger candidates. Highlight your tech proficiency on your resume and in your communication with the employer.

Consider More Education

Continuing your education has been mentioned a few times above already so there’s no surprise it is appearing on the list. If you are completely shifting industries and positions, think about what knowledge you may lack when pursuing a career. For instance, if all the jobs paying the wages you desire require a master’s degree, you might need to consider going back to school.

You should also be able to display that you are open to learning new things to employers. People over 50 are sometimes thought to be stuck in their ways. Displaying an eagerness to learn will show them you are anything but that.

Rebrand Yourself

Work on establishing an online presence and rebrand yourself professionally. Polish your LinkedIn profile, update your photos, upload a new resume, reconnect with old contacts. You’ll also be able to start making new connections in the industry you want to pursue a career in.

Work With a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies are used by employers to find candidates to fill open positions with their companies. Agencies often help employers reduce bias in the hiring process, which can often limit the career options for older individuals. Not to mention, recruiters can provide you with sound career advice and additional support in your search.

Working with a firm like the Staffing Resource Group can also help you put your resume in front of multiple employers at once without providing any personal information. Our team of recruiters can also assist you in identifying jobs and career paths you should take to reach your goals. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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