Onboarding Tips to Ensure a Quick Government Placement

Onboarding Tips to Ensure a Quick Government Placement

Onboarding can make or break a new hire’s impression of the organization and the job itself. So, it is best to do the best you can. That means ensuring communication is clear and providing easy, clear-to-understand tasks. Here are some onboarding tips that can help you ensure quick government placement.

Introduce Them to Key Contacts

One of the best things you can do during the onboarding process is to introduce your new employee to key people in your company. This will provide them with other contacts they can utilize in case they have any questions or need assistance. It will also help them form relationships within the organization so that they feel more connected to the job as a whole.

Assign Them an Onboarding “Buddy”

Assigning a more senior member of your staff to be a new hire’s “buddy” isn’t a bad idea either. This helps them see a good example of what they should be doing. It also provides them with yet another connection within your organization to reach out to should they need guidance. It also provides a way for them to learn both the formal and informal parts of the job.

Have Everything Ready to Go

The worst thing you can do during onboarding is to be disorganized and not have all the necessary paperwork ready to go. Have a new hire packet that is standard for everyone that comes into your organization. Then, you can tweak it based on the different position needs. For instance, most organizations have an employee handbook, tax documents, contracts, and anything else your employee needs to sign handy on their first day.

Beyond this, you should also have everything else set up and ready for them too. If they work with a computer or have a workspace, be sure it is put together when they get there. You should also already have given them access to any programs and software they may need. This will ensure they have everything they need to be successful in their position and get started on the right foot.

Give Them a Concrete Plan for the First Two Months

On top of having everything planned out and ready to go on the first day you also need to have a solid plan for their couple of months working with you. Include specific goals and objectives you would like them to meet. This may include things like getting familiar with the company’s internal systems, project tasks, and deadlines. Doing this will give them a good idea of what is expected of them.

Set All Expectations Up Front

Speaking of, everything you expect of your new employee should be communicated immediately and effectively. Be clear about what the first few weeks will be like and what they can expect in terms of work. Additionally, it is a good idea to discuss the new hire and their duties with anyone who may be working with them as well.

Another great way to ensure a quick placement is by working with an agency like The Staffing Resource Group. Contact us to see how we might be able to assist you in your hiring and onboarding needs.


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