Open to New Work? Utilize LinkedIn in Your Job Search

Open to New Work? Utilize LinkedIn in Your Job Search

The way job seekers are finding work is changing with the new wave of technology and remote opportunities. Like the job market is changing, the way people source potential candidates is changing as well. Because of this, your online presence and utilizing social media like LinkedIn in your job search can help you find the position you’ve been searching for.

LinkedIn Keywords

 Because you share information about your professional experience and job titles on LinkedIn, it makes it easy for recruiters to find potential candidates. Even if you don’t have your profile set to “open to work,” companies may still reach out based on your profile experience. Because these keywords are important to how people find you, be sure your profile gives a good picture of your career thus far and where you want to take it.

“Open to Work”

LinkedIn has an “open to work” setting to allow employers, colleagues, and recruiters to know if you are open to receiving offers. Be careful when using this feature though. It can be visible to your current employer if you are working with someone.

You can select for the information to only be visible to possible recruiters, however, which is advisable. Don’t share that you are open to work with all of your followers. This can get you the wrong type of attention. Instead, target who you want to know.

Reach Out via LinkedIn Messaging

Another great way you can use the social media site to contact potential employers is by sending out mass messages. In these messages, you can share information about what your target job title and industry might be.

You should also include information about any relevant experience you may have and what sets you apart from others applying for the same position. Don’t mention that you are interested in a job right off the bat, but say that you are interested in having a conversation to learn more about their organization.

Be an Active Candidate

Many employers will pass up individuals on LinkedIn because they are not responsive enough or seem passive in their job search. This is another reason to steer clear of the “open to work” setting on the social site. When employers see this, they typically feel the candidate is not actively interested in pursuing new work.

On top of messaging potential employers and recruiters, it is a good idea to stay in touch as well. Think about ways you can reach out and stay relevant on LinkedIn to get the attention of the companies you desire. You should also try to post things relevant to your field and industry. Try to make comments and like posts pertaining to the work you are searching for as well.

If you are looking for work, something else to consider is working with a staffing agency. They can take a look at your social media presence, resume, online samples, and other hiring materials to help you identify jobs and companies that may be a good fit. Contact the Staffing Resource Group to see how our team of professionals can assist you.

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