Just about everyone has felt burnout at some point in their career, whether they like to admit it or not. Of course, there are tons of articles out there for helping you prevent burnout, but what about recovery? It can be difficult to come out of feeling burnt out and return to your regular work routine. If you are feeling burnt out, here is some advice to help you actually recover.

Pinpoint the Source

There are a number of things that can contribute to burnout. You need to pinpoint the source or type of burnout you are feeling. For instance, some people may just need a vacation or a long weekend to unplug and return refreshed. Other individuals may feel they have simply plateaued with the company or within the job they hold. These are two different types of burnout. Figuring out what you are experiencing will help you determine a plan of action.

Identify Where You Feel Depleted

Are you feeling depleted physically or mentally? Knowing where you are feeling burnt out the most is important in identifying the next steps as well. For example, if you are feeling exhausted, taking some time out to meditate, cook a nice meal, or even take a nap could be beneficial. If you are feeling isolated or out of touch, you might try to connect with one of your coworkers.

A lot of burnout stems from internal or external validation as well. If you are struggling with your own self-worth consider focusing on tasks that place emphasis on your specific skills or stepping out of a project that isn’t utilizing your skills. Knowing where your sense of burnout is coming from is crucial to know how to best move forward.

Recognize the Importance of Self-Care

Self-care is not frivolous. A lot of people use the term “indulging in self-care” when, in reality, self-care is key to avoiding and recovering from burnout. This is because many people view self-care from a limited perspective. They often think about taking bubble baths or doing yoga, which can be great. However, self-care can be whatever way you show yourself compassion. Think about taking on a hobby outside of work or starting a gratitude journal that allows you to focus on positive things. Either way, recognizing self-care as an important part of maintaining your physical and mental health is key.

Consider Your Workplace

Take the time to step back and consider whether or not your place of work is the problem. Even if you practice self-care and do everything you should to avoid burnout, the environment at your workplace may be dragging you down. In fact, it could be the source of all your exhaustion. Chat with your employer about the issues you are facing and see if there is a solution you can come to.

Look for a New Career

Sometimes, the best thing you can do to recover from burnout is to search for a new career move. It may be that you aren’t working in the best field or you haven’t landed the right job to truly flourish. This can lead to you feeling burnt out on the job. Working with a professional recruiter can help you pin down what your career goals are.

Beyond that, they can help you find a job that will utilize your skills and experience with a company whose culture matches what you’re looking for. Contact the Staffing Resource Group to learn more about how we can assist you in making moves in your career.

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