Talent pooling is a crucial part of any organization’s recruitment strategy these days. You should have a large, diverse talent pool that you can tap into at any time. Even if you haven’t used it in a while, reactivating your talent pool can lead to your next placement.

What is a Talent Pool?

If you don’t already have one, a talent pool is essentially a database of potential candidates who have shown interest in your company. This “pool” keeps your hiring team from having to start from scratch any time a new job comes open with your organization. It will also have key information that they will need to reach out to potential candidates.

Generally, you will want to stay in touch with your talent pool to stay updated on their job status and other information. Some key details you will want to have access to are how the company got to know them, roles they are interested in, strengths, what they are working on, and whether or not they are seen as a good fit for the company as a whole.

That being said, there are a number of benefits of maintaining a good talent pool. Below are some of the perks and how they can help lead you to your next placement.

Database of Candidates

As stated above, a talent pool is a database of candidates. You will have access to information about each individual and be able to filter through those who may or may not be well-suited for the position at hand. This will reduce the stress on your internal hiring team.

Overall Better Candidate Experience

Candidate experience will impact your employer brand. If your organization is difficult to apply to or does not communicate well, other candidates will find out through mutual contacts. Maintaining a talent pool will help you improve your candidate experience. You will be able to stay in touch with them and fast-track the hiring process, two things that mean a lot to applicants. It will also make it easy to find your next placement.

Diversity and Inclusion

Another perk of having a large talent pool you can tap into at any time is you can increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace. When you tap into your talent pool, you eliminate some bias that occurs in the traditional hiring process. After all, these individuals have already expressed interest and you’ve gained information about them. So, you are less likely to give in to bias. Instead, you look at the facts and data you have.

Reduced Time and Cost to Hire

All in all, reactivating your talent pool will reduce the time and cost to hire new individuals. Because you already have their information on file, there won’t be much time spent on recruiting. The less time spent recruiting, onboarding, and training, the more money will be saved by your organization.

Access to Passive Candidates

The final perk to reactivating your talent pool is that you will gain access to passive candidates. There may be candidates who have expressed interest in your organization in the past but are not actively looking for work. That doesn’t mean they aren’t still interested and they could easily lead to your next placement.

Partnering with a staffing agency can help you stay tapped into a large talent pool at all times. Contact the Staffing Resource Group to see how our team of professionals can assist you with your next placement.

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