Ready to Save the World? How to Get a Job Creating COVID Vaccines

Ready to Save the World? How to Get a Job Creating COVID Vaccines

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have taken over just about every aspect of everyday life. Careers in vaccine development and research are increasing in demand. For the scientist or researcher, this might be the perfect chance to get a job creating COVID vaccines.

What You Need to Get a Job Creating COVID Vaccines

Most COVID vaccine-related jobs will require a Bachelor of Science (BS) in biochemistry, cellular or molecular biology, chemistry,  or microbiology. However, many vaccine development programs will require applicants to have a master’s and/or doctorate’s degree. Individuals who are looking for a job in the public health sector may also need to seek an advanced degree in public health.

Prior to having degrees, you may be able to volunteer or intern in labs, but most of the time these jobs do not include pay. Although it won’t necessarily pay the bills, taking on these jobs can help you get experience and potentially land better positions in the future once you have the required education.

It is also a good idea to know what is required of individuals working in the vaccine development field. You need to work well with others and enjoy teamwork. Almost everything you do will be in the team setting in these types of positions.

Types of Vaccine-Related Jobs

There are several different ways you can work with labs. You can hold the position of one of the lead scientists, an academic, a freelance consultant, an administrator, or a number of other roles.

In the basic research stage of vaccine development, you can find some data analyst positions that may only require a BS and no advanced degree. There are also office assistant positions that require you to fill orders for lab supplies and similar tasks. Research assistants also only require a BS. Once in the development stages, PhD-level scientists step in to supervise.

Eventually, the vaccine will move to clinical trials. Jobs available within the clinical trial stage of development envelope a wide range of careers. Trials are run by individuals with PhDs or MDs, but there are plenty of jobs that require only a BS or MS as well. Some positions that only require a BS or MS degree include medical writers who record the findings of the trial and associates who ensure protocol is followed throughout testing.

Where to Look for Vaccine Creating Jobs

For the most part, vaccine development takes place in government, industry, nonprofit, and university labs. These organizations are typically funded in various ways. Universities, for instance, have much of their research funded by federal grants.

If you’re committed to getting a job creating COVID vaccines, you should also consider the possibility of having to relocate. Many vaccine researchers spend a certain amount of time at one university working on one vaccine and then move on to the next once funds are low or the project is over. Don’t be afraid to start at small startups either. A lot of the time, these startups are looked at by government agencies for contract work.

Employ the Help of a Staffing Agency

Tapping into the resources of a staffing agency like Staffing Resource Group can help you find the job you are looking for. Find a staffing group that specializes in the type of work you are seeking. An agency can also put you in front of government contractors and other businesses you may have otherwise not had access to. They will put you in touch with employers who fit your background and get you the position you’ve been in search of.

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