Steering Clear of Common Job Search Mistakes

Steering Clear of Common Job Search Mistakes

Many defense professionals want to start the new year off with a new position, causing them to launch a job search. While seeking out opportunities may seem simple on the surface, small missteps along the way can cost you opportunities. If you want to ensure your career success and find a new defense sector role quickly, here are some common job search mistakes you want to avoid.

Maintain Communication

One of the biggest missteps candidates make is not maintaining open lines of communication with their employer. In an era where “ghosting” is surprisingly common, gaps in communication may leave your recruiter assuming you’re no longer seeking out positions, causing them to focus their energies on other job seekers. Even if that doesn’t occur, they may worry that you’re unreliable or flitty, and that doesn’t work in your favor either.

When you connect with a recruiter, focus on remaining responsive. Keep your phone accessible, and if you can’t respond to calls or messages during work hours or various parts of the day, make sure to check for them as often as possible. That ensures the process continues moving forward smoothly and that you won’t miss out on opportunities due to a lack of communication.

Staying Engaged Without Overwhelming Recruiters

When you’re working with a recruiter to find a new defense job, touching base regularly isn’t a bad idea. It lets them know you’re still engaged and interested, essentially keeping you at the top of their mind.

However, overwhelming them with emails, phone calls, texts, or other messages is a major mistake. It comes across as desperate, pushy, or needy and may signal to them that you lack self-awareness or professionalism.

The Power of “Please” and “Thank You”

While the job of a recruiter is to find candidates to fill open defense industry positions, that doesn’t mean politeness on your part should go out the window. Failing to meet expectations regarding exchanging niceties or pleasantries can make you seem rude or entitled, and that can hurt your chances of finding a position.

Extending common courtesies like saying “please” and “thank you” make interactions more pleasant. Plus, they are a mark of professionalism and graciousness, so they help ensure you’re leaving a positive impression.

Building an Online Presence That Attracts Employers

Today’s employers often look up candidates online to learn more about them, and what they find when they research you can make or break your job search. It’s best to assume that recruiters are going to look you up on social media at a minimum, as well as run general online searches to see what they find. If your online presence doesn’t send the right message, then you may miss out on opportunities.

Before you get your job search underway, review all of your public profiles to see if there are any posts, activities, or connections that don’t reflect well on you. If so, either delete the questionable content or make the profiles private.

Ultimately, the tips above can help make sure that your job search is a success. If you’re ready for a new defense sector job that can take your career to the next level, the Staffing Resource Group can help. Apply Today and SuRGe your career forward.