5 Steps You Can Take Towards Building a Diverse Workforce

5 Steps You Can Take Towards Building a Diverse Workforce

Diversity and inclusion have been proven to increase motivation and productivity in the workplace. For this reason, many employers are looking for ways to create a more diverse work experience for their staff. Here are several steps you can take towards building a diverse workforce.

Audit Your Business for Diversity

The first thing you need to do if you want to establish a more diverse workforce is auditing your business. You need to step back and take an honest look at how diverse your current operations are. More importantly, evaluate whether or not your company culture truly promotes diversity and inclusion. Identify strengths in your team and gaps where more diversity would be beneficial.

To do this, take a look at everyone you do business with. Does the diversity of your partners, customers, vendors, and supply chain mirror the diversity in your company? If not, consider how you might be able to change that to become more culturally relevant in the community.

Develop a Blueprint

Once you have audited your business, it is time to develop a blueprint for what you want your diverse workforce to look like. You can do this by creating or updating your diversity program. Be sure the program offers meaningful metrics that will allow you to gauge whether or not it is successful.

You may consider identifying forums, communities, and events to participate in that will lead your company to more diverse new hires. Whatever your course of action may be, having a blueprint or a plan will help you move forward.

Measure Accomplishments

Apply meaningful metrics to your diversity goals. Whether you want to increase diverse employee participation in mentorship programs or you want a more diverse leadership team, have a way of measuring your goals.

When you hit a goal, celebrate it. Acknowledging accomplishments in the workplace will help lead to higher morale and productivity all around. This means you will want to celebrate meeting certain demographic goals in the workplace as well. Doing this will help promote positive feelings around your workplace diversity programs.

Provide Resources

Mentorships and resource groups are another great way to build diversity in the workplace. You can create an environment where emerging diverse talent has a chance to interact with more seasoned individuals in the industry. This can help them better navigate the workplace, network, and create connections that will help them further their careers.

Similarly, resource groups can help your employees come together and consider different perspectives. Discussions within these groups can lead to innovation and help lead to strategies that will shift your business in the direction of a more diverse market. Not only will this help business, but it will also help your employees feel more included in strategic decisions within the company.

Work With Professionals

Another way you can create a more diverse workforce is by partnering with a staffing agency. Working with an agency can help remove bias from your hiring process. You can also go over your diversity goals with the recruiter, which will help ensure you are building diversity into your practices. Learn more about the Staffing Resource Group and how we can help you build a diverse workforce.

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