Overwhelmed with Your Job Search? SRG Can Save You the Stress

Most life science professionals know that finding a new position is a cumbersome task. Spending hours scanning for opportunities on job boards is tedious, and you may find far more jobs that aren’t great fits than career-boosting roles. Plus, targeting your resume for every job takes a significant amount of

How to Write a Letter of Interest for a Life Science Job

As a life science professional, it’s common to have your career sights set on specific companies that are known for innovation, growth, and excellence. If you’re seeking out a new life science job, you may want to seize any opportunity to get your foot in the door with these organizations.

Highest Paying Life Sciences Fields to Consider

The life sciences field can lead to a fulfilling career. Many people working in life sciences are highly satisfied with their careers and the impact they are making on the industry. Whether you are looking for a job in the field or trying to pinpoint your area of concentration, these

How Working in a Life Sciences Field Can Be a Rewarding Career

Anyone passionate about science but unsure of what to do in their professional lives should consider a career in life sciences. Embarking on a career in this field can be rewarding. You can work in a number of different areas, including medicine and environmental studies. Who knows, you might even

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Career in Biotech

Individuals who choose a career in biotech do so for a number of reasons. Maybe science and technology are exciting or maybe they want to make a difference in the world. Whatever the case may be, there are pros and cons to choosing this career path. Here are some things

8 Important Risk Management Skills Every Vaccine Creator Must Have

Working in life sciences is different than many other industries. There are different risks to take into account than, say, a tech company may have. However, like other industries, there are ways your company can mitigate those risks. If you are a vaccine creator, be sure you have these risk

COVID Champion – Keion Chappelle

As a staffing agency, the Staffing Resource Group works with different types of professionals on a daily basis. What we specialize in is finding the perfect job, in a positive environment, that will help you continue to progress in your career goals. This includes everything from working on your resume,