Post-COVID Employee Handbook Updates to Make

COVID-19 substantially altered the workplace, requiring many companies to revise policies on the fly. While the pandemic is still a concern, the landscape is changing. As a result, it’s wise for employers to review their employee handbooks to see what permanent updates are necessary. Ultimately, an employee handbook only provides

4 Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Candidate Screening Process

When you need to find a professional to fill a vacant position, ensuring you find a strong match the first time is essential. Fortunately, by incorporating the right defense candidate screening processes, identifying a right-fit job seeker is easier. If you want to take your screening process to the next

Inspiring Reading Materials for Healthcare Professionals

Most healthcare professionals understand that learning doesn’t stop simply because they’ve completed their formal education. Instead, it’s an ongoing journey, one that may need to stretch beyond technical skills to offer the most benefit. In many cases, books can be an exceptional resource. They let you learn from the experience

5 Steps to Earn a Promotion by the End of the Year

Once you’ve been in the same role for a few years, you’ll usually set your sights on a promotion. Generally, the best way to go about securing one is to clearly demonstrate that you deserve the opportunity. That ensures that, if you make the request or apply for a higher-level

Ease Back into the Job Market with These Tips!

Many professionals take breaks from their careers, either intentionally or otherwise. For some, the pandemic made stepping away from work a necessity, allowing them to care for children or loved ones with greater ease. However, others are motivated to take a step back for other reasons, ranging from simply needing

The Benefits of Offering Employee Feedback

A surprising number of organizations don’t offer employees feedback outside of annual reviews. While assessing performance during that time is wise, failing to provide insights, guidance, or constructive criticism at other points means missing out on critical opportunities. Offering employees feedback early and often is a potent tool for ensuring

Life Science Skills That Will Make You Stand Out as a Recent College Grad

Most recent college life sciences graduates are excited to launch their careers and take their first steps into the workforce. However, it can feel like an uphill battle. Often, you have little – if any – past work experience. Plus, you might struggle to determine how you can stand apart

National Safety Month: Watch Out for These Common Workplace Hazards

While most professionals know that workplace injuries happen, not everyone realizes how common they are typical. Plus, it’s easy to ignore all of the potential hazards in an environment if you aren’t aware of the threat they may pose. Ultimately, keeping an eye out for potential dangers is essential. By

Do You Have a Remote Work Policy in Place? Here’s Why You Need One

Most companies have some type of remote capability these days. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to switch to a remote workspace. Some employers have continued to offer remote work for their employees. However, it has become crucial to have some kind of remote work policy in place. Here’s why.