The Great Resignation: What You Need to Know About the Workforce

The Great Resignation: What You Need to Know About the Workforce

Keeping up with what the workforce wants from employers can be challenging. In today’s climate, workers are leaving their jobs at a record pace because companies simply aren’t providing what they need. After a year in lockdown, a lot of people are reassessing their work-life balance and are looking for more support from their employers.


Now more than ever, employees are prioritizing flexibility in their job search. In fact, many people are even willing to leave their current job for something that offers more flexible options. Think about what you can offer in terms of flexibility. Is remote work an option? Can you allow your employees to make their own schedules or additional days off to promote work-life balance? Ask your staff how flexibility would benefit them too and see what changes you can make.


Employers need to be understanding during this time. After all, everyone has been through a difficult time and your staff is readjusting to the new normal. Take the time to check in with them and see how they are doing. Acknowledge the challenges they are facing and offer potential solutions. Doing this shows your staff that you care about them on a more personal level, which is important to many workers. It will help keep them motivated, engaged, and loyal.


Another way you can show your employees you care and attract top talent is by polishing your benefits package. Be sure that you are providing good healthcare coverage, of course. You should also have more than one healthcare coverage option available for individuals to choose from. Customized benefits are becoming more standard.

On top of healthcare benefits, consider what else your organization has to offer. Paid time off, paid holidays, and 401k options are all important to employees and candidates. Some companies have started to offer expanded benefits as well that include things like financial counseling, student loan payback, mental health counseling, fitness programs, and other special perks. Compare your package to other employers in the industry and find something to set you apart.


Showing your appreciation is key to reducing turnover as well. During “The Great Resignation,” letting your staff know how much you value their hard work can make a huge difference. When they know the work they are doing is moving the needle they are more motivated and tend to be more loyal. Additionally, they will provide you with valuable feedback that will help you increase retention and productivity in your organization.


Positive company culture has also become increasingly important to job seekers at this time. Create a culture built around employee appreciation and a strong, uplifting mission. This will make your employees feel like they are part of something bigger or they are giving back to the community. Consider your current culture and how you can improve your company’s image to help attract and retain talent in today’s market.

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