Many life sciences professionals experience difficulties when looking for a new position. One reason why it’s often challenging is that not all openings are publicly advertised. Instead, many are part of what’s colloquially referred to as the hidden job market.

Essentially, the hidden job market is comprised of vacant positions that aren’t listed in common job search resources, such as major job boards on company career pages. Instead, they’re only known by a select few, often decision-makers within life sciences companies and others who are directly connected to the open role. Traditionally, that means they’re filled by referrals and when word-of-mouth steers a suitable applicant in the right direction.

In most cases, the only way to tap into the hidden job market is through networking. If you want to broaden your life sciences career horizons by accessing unadvertised positions, here are some tips to help you network correctly.

Network to Build Relationships

Many life sciences professionals aren’t overly concerned about their networking activities until they’re looking for new opportunities. However, it’s critical to focus on building those relationships well before you need to take them. Strong connections that aren’t focused on what your network can do for you increase the odds that members will assist with your job search when the time comes. Since that’s the case, focus on maintaining relationships and offering support to ensure your network is there for you.

Establish Your Online Presence

While focusing on your existing network is wise, establishing your online presence is also beneficial. By being active on various platforms, you can not only expand your network but also showcase your expertise. As a result, it’s wise to create carefully designed posts that highlight your knowledge and capabilities.

Engaging in groups is similarly beneficial, as it’s a chance to provide value to others while also showcasing what you bring to the table. Focus on groups that are highly relevant to your life sciences specialty, and make sure to participate regularly to get the best result.

Turn to a Recruitment Agency

In some cases, life sciences positions aren’t openly advertised, but they are accessible through the right resources. It’s highly common for life sciences companies to rely on specific recruitment agencies to fill their vacant positions. As a result, if you aren’t partnered with a recruiter for your job search, there’s no avenue to that open role.

By working with the Staffing Resource Group – a recruitment agency that specializes in the life sciences industry – you can access a wide array of unadvertised job opportunities. Are you ready to take your life sciences career to the next level? Partner with the Staffing Resource Group to learn about unadvertised open positions and find your perfect match quickly. Apply Today and SuRGe your career forward.