The Top 4 In-Demand Jobs in Defense Contracting

Top In-Demand Jobs in Defense Contracting

The Top 4 In-Demand Jobs in Defense Contracting

In the world of defense contracting, specific types of professionals are increasingly in-demand. By focusing your career in one of these areas, securing lucrative opportunities is far easier. Plus, it can provide you with career longevity, as these roles aren’t going to diminish in value any time soon. If you’re looking for a direction that can lead to professional success, here are four excellent options.

Software Engineer

As a software engineer, your duties focus primarily on designing and creating software applications. Optimization and maintenance are also commonly part of the equation, as well as consulting with other teams, departments, or stakeholders to assess needs and determine project scopes.

Typically, software engineers need a high degree of familiarity with a variety of programming languages and operating systems. Knowledge of computing architectures is similarly critical, as well as project management methodologies. Finally, soft skills like analytical thinking and problem-solving are typically a must, particularly during the design and troubleshooting phases.

To stand out from other candidates, demonstrate exceptional communication skills, particularly the ability to describe complex, technical topics in a way that less tech-savvy people can understand. A high degree of attention to detail and ongoing willingness to learn can also differentiate you from the pack. With those capabilities, you’re well on your way to earning a lucrative salary, with the median amount sitting at $109,020 per year.

Systems/Network Administrator

Systems and network administrators oversee the operation of various technologies within an organization. They may install computer systems and network components, troubleshoot issues that arise, create segmentation, and optimize existing designs.

Professionals in this niche need extensive knowledge of system and network architectures. Familiarity with a wide array of device types and operating systems is helpful, as well as an in-depth understanding of system capacities and configurations.

When it comes to salaries, the median pay rate is $80,600 annually. However, it’s possible to significantly exceed that mark as you gain experience, especially if you stand out from other applicants. Project management skills are a potential differentiator, particularly if you get certified. Experience with automation is another option, particularly as it becomes more commonplace.

Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineers help defense organizations build and maintain cloud infrastructure, and they’re often well-compensated for their skills, with average annual earnings coming in near $134,078. They focus on the design, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of the related solutions and can have administrative duties in the mix.

Programming skills are vital for cloud engineers, particularly languages like Java, Python, PHP, .NET, and SQL. An understanding of network design and management is a must, along with knowledge of security processes, tools, and solutions.

Proven expertise in creating scalable cloud landscapes can help you stand out from other candidates, as well as have in-depth knowledge of cloud security. Automation is also a beneficial skill area, along with clear teamwork capabilities.

Information Systems Security Manager

An information systems security manager (ISSM) is a leadership-level professional that oversees security for specific organizational assets, such as computers, databases, and networks. Their primary focus is to prevent breaches, using a variety of mechanisms to address vulnerabilities, detect intrusions, and safeguard data.

An understanding of encryption is critical for these roles, as well as intrusion detection and antimalware tools. Knowledge of firewalls and other security-oriented solutions is similarly a must, along with the ability to manage a team effectively.

As with many security-oriented tech positions, having certifications focused on security makes you a stronger candidate. Demonstrated leadership capabilities are also essential, but the ability to coach others could be the perfect differentiator, making it easier to secure a salary near $146,260 a year.

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