Growth in the defense industry has slowed in recent years, but that does not mean there aren’t still a few good-paying careers left. In fact, there are as many as 100,000 job openings in the sector at any given time. Knowing where to look and what salary to shoot for is half the battle in landing one of the top-paying industry defense careers. Here are the top-paying companies and jobs out there right now.

Senior Software Engineer

On the list of careers in the defense industry that pay $100,000 or more each year is the Senior Software Engineer. These individuals typically have a degree in Computer Science or Information Systems. They also are knowledgeable in server infrastructure, storage solutions, and configuration tools.

IT Systems Administrator

Another potentially high-paying career path in the defense industry is pursuing a job as an IT Systems Administrator. Many of these positions require proven experience in systems administration, working with databases, and knowledge of security systems. IT Systems Administrators can make up to $150,000 per year.

Cyber Security Engineer

Cybersecurity engineers typically require a bachelor’s degree or higher. They need to have knowledge of cybersecurity programs, data recovery, and internet security. To get one of the top-paying defense industry jobs in this position, you will need a few year’s experience in an entry-level job as well. However, once you have that, you are on track to make up to $185,000 annually.

Systems Integration Engineer

System integration engineers typically need knowledge of computer hardware and software, as well as the networks that connect them. You will also need a bachelor’s degree or higher, though not all programs emphasize what the degree needs to be in as long as you took computer courses. Salaries for these positions can vary greatly with some companies offering six figures a year, but many lands around a $70,000 annual salary.

Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence analysts, like many of the other defense industry careers on this list, typically continue their education throughout their careers. In fact, many people pursue careers as intelligence analysts in the Army and receive on-the-job training. Some companies may require education requirements, while others do not. Individuals working as intelligence analysts make anywhere between $41,000 and $145,000 each year.

System Integration and Test Engineer

People seeking out a career as a system integration and test engineer will need an undergraduate engineering degree or relevant degree. Other additional proven skills, certifications, and program knowledge may also be necessary. The median salary for this career is about $80,000, with most salaries falling between $60,000 and $97,000.

Project Manager

As with many industries, there is always room for a project manager. In the defense industry, you will want to have some background in leading projects involving the above-aforementioned team members to get the job-at-hand done. In some positions, you may make $100,000 or more a year. Median salaries sit around $60,000. Typically, you will need to prove you have completed a certain number of hours of project management.

Positions like those above are available through contracts, short-term, hourly, and salaried positions, depending on your career goals. Partnering with a recruitment agency can help you find the right career path for your professional goals. See how Staffing Resource Group can assist you.