Virtual Project Management: How to Maximize Your Productivity

Virtual Project Management: How to Maximize Your Productivity

With many businesses shifting to virtual workspaces, it is important to identify tools and methods to maintain productivity no matter where you are working from. Having an unstable process, poor leadership, unclear expectations, and no resources available makes virtual project management doomed to fail. Thankfully, there is plenty you can do to maximize your productivity.

Benefits of Virtual Project Management

There are a ton of reasons both employers and employees might benefit from remote working, specifically project management. For the employee, virtual work typically leads to increased creativity and innovation. Some people find their problem-solving skills are improved as well.

Project managers will also have access to the entire team and can utilize the talent of everyone working virtually. Not to mention, you will have reduced travel time, and working from a virtual workspace is generally more cost-effective all around. To be successful in your virtual project management efforts, it is important to learn how to bets maximize your productivity. Consider the points below.

Establish Communication Platforms

Managing any project takes a certain level of communication between team members. This is especially true when the project is being implemented virtually. Establish a communication platform, such as Google Hangouts or Slack, that works for the entire team. Use it to maintain open communication between individuals working on the project.

You can use this platform to schedule and hold team meetings, track attendance, and, most importantly, build trust within your team. Using a common communication platform can make the folks working together on the team feel more connected.

It is a good idea to use a platform that ties into other collaborative suites you may be using. For instance, if you use Google Docs to share and edit documents between team members, Google Hangouts may be the best platform to use for communication. Similarly, apps like Slack and Skype go hand-in-hand.

Continue to Follow a System

Even though you are working remotely, it is important to continue to follow a system. Be sure you set deadlines for your team and yourself. Have set activities that are required on a regular basis. There should also be systems put in place to track these activities. Project management systems, such as Asana, are helpful in tracking project progress.

Practice a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Another huge part of ensuring your project management skills are at their finest is by making sure you are getting time off too. Sometimes working virtually can make it seem like you never leave your job, or it may seem like you don’t need a break. However, practicing a healthy work-life balance will improve your productivity on the job ten-fold.

Join a Team That Matches Your Pace

Lastly, it is extremely important to field the companies and teams you plan to manage projects for. Find a team that matches your pace and style of work. Nothing will kill your productivity, like working with a team you don’t connect with. Consulting with a firm like Staffing Resource Group can help you identify teams and jobs that best fit your productivity and skill levels.