What Does the Post-Pandemic Job Market Look Like?

What Does the Post-Pandemic Job Market Look Like?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world as we know it. In the job market, certain trends have accelerated. We are seeing more remote work, automation, and e-commerce than ever before. On top of that, 25% more workers are finding they need to switch occupations in the post-pandemic world. If you are one of these individuals who are looking for a new career you may be wondering, what does the post-pandemic job market look like?

Jobs With Close Physical Proximity Likely to Be Disrupted

Any jobs that require higher physical proximity will likely see some of the biggest changes in the post-pandemic job market. This includes people who were categorized as front-line workers during the pandemic, such as retail workers, hospital staff, people working in banks, food services, and other occupations.

In some cases, positions within these industries will be disrupted by automation and shifting to remote work. For instance, people who work in the hospital as part of the administrative staff can do their jobs remotely. Similarly, some food service jobs will be automated to reduce the number of people in close proximity. However, jobs that can be performed outdoors or in low proximity, such as construction, may see significant growth in the post-pandemic market.

Remote Work is Likely to Continue

While some companies are returning to the workplace, remote work is here to stay. Around 25% of workforces are able to perform their work remotely three to five days a week. Many businesses are looking at how they can offer more flexibility and maintain remote workspaces after seeing an uptick in productivity over the last year.

That being said, some jobs are still best done in person. Things like negotiating business deals, brainstorming sessions, and many onboarding activities lose their effectiveness when they are done in a remote setting.

Virtual Meetings Will Stick Around

Even if your company decides to return to in-person working, meetings will likely continue to stay virtual. Most companies will opt not to have all of their staff meet in person. Instead, meetings will be held via video conferencing. While you may all be in the office, you won’t be in the same room at one time.

AI and Automation is Going to Expand

There will be huge growth in artificial intelligence and automation in the post-pandemic job market. As mentioned above, automation may make a huge difference in food services, grocery stores, warehouses, call centers, and other industries that are considered high proximity. With that in mind, there will be more jobs available in automation and AI than before. This will be an expanding area many people will look to for their new post-pandemic career.

Little Job Growth in Low-Wage Occupations

There will be little-to-no growth in low-wage occupations. This will likely have a negative impact on people in the foodservice industry and less-skilled office workers. At the same time, there will be an increased need for warehouse workers, e-commerce, and delivery employees.

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