In recent years, wellness in the workplace has become a hot topic, including in the life sciences industry. While the movement began long before COVID-19, the pandemic put wellness into the spotlight, causing life sciences companies and professionals alike to view this need differently.

Today, having a comprehensive workplace wellness program is increasingly essential. Along with supporting employees – which often leads to morale and productivity gains – it makes companies more attractive employers.

During a tight labor market and pervasive skill gaps, workplace wellness programs can set organizations apart from competitors. Here’s an overview of what workplace wellness is and how the right program can benefit your life sciences company.

What Is Workplace Wellness?

While the concept is admittedly a bit ambiguous, workplace wellness generally refers to the creation of policies and development of offerings that are explicitly designed to support employee health, including physical, mental, and emotional. Often, this includes protocols and resources meant to reduce stress and provide employees with critical tools that make achieving personal and professional goals easier.

In many cases, workplace wellness programs are multi-faceted. They may begin with traditional offerings such as paid time off and medical coverage. However, robust wellness programs go further, making resources like financial coaching, employee assistance programs (EAPs), fitness perks, knowledge libraries, and more.

Essentially, if a benefit can encourage healthy behaviors and make work and life easier to manage, it potentially qualifies as a wellness perk. And often, the more resources that are made available, the more comprehensive the resulting workplace wellness program becomes.

The Benefits of a Comprehensive Workplace Wellness Program

In many cases, companies assume that the primary benefits of a workplace wellness program are experienced by employees. While they undeniably have something to gain from these benefits, employers also come out ahead.

When life sciences companies support employee wellness, it typically improves the company culture. Often, morale rises as the organization’s workforce feels valued. As a result, the overall mood in the workplace improves.

As the culture shifts, so does productivity. Happy life sciences employees are classically better equipped to manage stress and remain focused. As a result, they’re often more efficient and generally deliver higher quality results.

Once word of a life sciences company’s workplace wellness program and positive culture spreads, this leads to recruitment and retention gains. Skilled life sciences professionals prefer working for companies that value them as human beings, so they favor employers that prioritize wellness. As a result, it’s easier to connect with talented job seekers and keep your best and brightest on staff.

Valuable Addition To Benefits Package

Ultimately, a comprehensive workplace wellness program is a valuable addition to your benefits package. When properly executed, it allows you to position your company as an employer of choice, all while boosting productivity and efficiency, making it a wise investment overall.

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