The biopharma field is incredibly competitive. When you start applying for jobs, it is important to know what to include on your resume to help you stand out. The skills discussed below will help set you apart when applying for your next biopharma position.

Creative Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

Many people don’t consider the amount of problem-solving and critical thinking that goes into working in the biopharma field. Professionals working in the field often have to think about complex projects and plan months, even years, in advance. The biopharma industry relies on individuals who are innovative and can solve problems quickly. This often means solving problems before they even occur.

Generally, any experiment setting will provide you with some problem-solving and strategic thinking skills. Consider some examples of these transferable skills that you can discuss during interviews.

Teamwork and Conflict Resolution

You will have to work with other members of a team and will face conflict from time to time. Know how to handle it. Research lab work often requires you to work with a team of people. Even if you have management experience or are expected to supervise the project, you need to be a team player. Not doing so can greatly hinder progression. For people wanting to expand their careers in the biopharma industry, teamwork is a must.

Business and Industry Knowledge

Another thing you can bring to the table is a strong knowledge of the biopharma industry. Get updates on the industry trends and any news happening in the biopharma world. This includes getting to know more about financial and regulatory changes occurring in the industry. Staying on top of these changes will help you stand out when you’re applying for a position. Employers will appreciate that you have a better understanding of how the organization’s efforts impact the industry at large.

Biopharma Regulations and Laws

In addition to having knowledge about the business industry and trends, you need to be well-versed in the laws and regulations that impact the biopharma world. To ensure ethical practices, scientific research is highly regulated by organizations like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Other issues, like the protection of intellectual property, are also important to keep in mind. For employers, your knowledge of these issues will instill more confidence in you as a potential employee. They will be able to trust you to represent their company.

Relationship-Building and Communication

Hand in hand with teamwork, top biopharma candidates, also have strong relationship-building and communication skills. You will have to interact with various different kinds of people every day at work. Not to mention, you will also have the responsibility of communicating scientific topics to diverse groups of people. This means you need to be a clear and concise communicator.

Working with a staffing agency can help you get on the radar of employers in the biopharma space. Recruiters can help you identify transferable skills that will lend a hand in landing you your next biopharma position. Contact The Staffing Resource Group to learn more about how our recruiters can help you.