What’s Actually Important On My Executive Level Resume?

What’s Actually Important On My Executive Level Resume?

If you are looking to make a job change, updating your resume is one of the most important steps in landing an executive-level role. Because there are typically multiple applicants from various different backgrounds, you want to be sure your resume and cover letter stand out. Here are a few helpful tips on constructing your executive-level resume with meaningful information.

Make Formatting Changes

The way and order in which you display information about yourself on your resume can have an impact on whether or not an employer pursues you as a candidate. For example, it is important to showcase your credentials at the very top of your resumes, such as your Ph.D., MBA, or other notable accolades.

After that, be sure to list your core skills in an easy-to-read manner towards the top of the document as well. Many people use bullet points to list activities and skills in a concise way. Your resume should be no longer than two pages long.

Craft an Executive Summary

Resume objectives are a thing of the past. Instead, you should give a summary of your career goals and experience. This will put you in a great position for the executive roles you are seeking. For example, if the businesses you are hoping to work with are in need of help, you may want to describe your work and experience as a “turnaround specialist.” Or, if you are applying for an executive role with a tech company, you may want to position yourself as an analytical person.

Include a Link to Online Work

If you have an online portfolio or you are otherwise represented online as a professional, include a link to your work in your resume. For the most part, employers are receiving resumes virtually via email, so the link will be clickable. This gives them a chance to take a closer work at your work.

Focus on Recent Experience

Another important note when it comes to constructing a good executive-level resume is to focus on recent experience. Even if you have been in the industry for decades, things are continuously changing. It is key to highlight the most recent, relevant experience you have had. Only include the last 15 years, nothing more.

Highlight Achievements

 Your resume is the place to highlight all of your achievements throughout your career. Quantify them when it is possible. When you are applying for an executive-level position, companies want to know what kind of results you have been able to produce.

Even though your education is another achievement, you want to be sure to save it for the bottom of your resume. Education credentials can wait. After all, you have highlighted any MBA, doctorate, or otherwise at the top of your page.

Get Another Set of Eyes

One of the best things you can do when drafting a resume is to get another set of eyes on it before sending it off to a potential employer. A professional resume writing company or staffing agency can help you highlight your career in a way that will assist you in landing the jobs you want.

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