Recruiting and hiring new employees is often one of the more expensive parts of running a business. When you take the time to calculate resources like a hiring manager, recruiting efforts, and training, new hires can cost your organization thousands of dollars. So, what’s the answer to cutting costs and inefficiencies in your recruiting process?

Consider Staffing Agencies

For many companies, employing the help of a staffing agency can help minimize the overall cost to them when finding and hiring new talent. These agencies specialize in recruiting and selecting new employees for companies that don’t have the time or resources. They can also help make the process more efficient overall. Not to mention, many agencies focus on specific industries and lines of work. So, they are knowledgeable about what it takes to truly fill the position and get the job done. Whether you are searching for temporary workers, full-time staff, or other work arrangements, they can cater to your specific needs.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a staffing agency to help you.

You Get Expert Help

As mentioned above, staffing agencies specialize in recruiting, vetting, and hiring individuals for the workplace. This gives them more experience than your human resources or hiring managers may have. Recruiters also tend to have higher knowledge about the industry, job trends, and other recruitment information that will make it easier for you to place employees in a swift manner.

Lower Cost

Generally, employing the help of professional recruiters will cost less than performing the work internally. Namely, they help you avoid bad hires, which can cost your company thousands in the long run. Additionally, they take on all the other costly parts of the employment process. So, the employer will no longer be responsible for things like pre-employment testing, background checks, or drug screening. All of these costs will be handled by the staffing agency. In some cases, you may also save money on payroll and benefits as well.

Networking Opportunities

As if expertise at a lower overall cost to your organization isn’t good enough, working with an agency can also help expand your professional network. Staffing agencies typically have access to a wider talent pool than employers do. So, depending on your needs, they likely already have a contact that may be a good fit. For instance, if your organization needs seasonal help, a staffing agency is likely already tapped into a pool of seasonal workers looking for a job. On top of that, they also have a list of employees they have already identified as dependable, hard workers. This gives them the ability to help fill the open position in your company in a shorter period of time.

Improved Retention Rates

Working with an agency can also help you see improvements in your employee retention rates. Employers can work with agencies to hire temporary employees to see if they are a good fit for the company. At the same time, the employee can get a feel for whether or not they want to work for the organization as well. This helps increase overall job satisfaction and decrease turnover.

All in all, partnering with a staffing agency is one of the best ways to cut costs and inefficiencies in your process. See how the Staffing Resource Group can assist you in your hiring efforts.