World’s Toughest Interview Questions, Answered By Us

World’s Toughest Interview Questions, Answered By Us

Preparing for an interview can be nerve-wracking. You try and think of possible questions the employer may ask and attempt to be as prepared as possible, but they always throw out a few tough ones that can throw you off guard. Here are a few of the world’s toughest interview questions with answers.

If You Were a Superhero, What Would Your Power Be?

While they may seem like an odd question to come up in an interview, but can help the interviewer see what you consider your best skill to be. You should answer it with a response similar to this. “Intuition would be my superpower. Although I think I already have good intuition, it would help me get a better sense of how to best serve our clients.”

What Was the Worst Thing About Your Last Job?

It is important with this question that you resist the urge to vent any frustrations about your last position. Instead, respond with something like this. “My last position offered me the opportunity to gain experience in several areas. However, I believe your company’s focus would allow me to have a larger impact in the industry and improve my career.”

What Would Your Worst Enemy Say About You?

This is a similar question to asking you to describe your weaknesses. Don’t say that you would never have an enemy. Instead, focus on positive information that they might be envious of. For instance, you may answer with something like, “If I did have an enemy, they would probably say that I am determined to get the job done no matter what.”

Describe a Time When You Failed and How You Handled It.

Everyone has hit a point where they failed at something during their career. It’s a good idea not to spend much time setting the story up and focus on getting to the point. Explain what the problem was and what was determined to cause it. Then go on to explain what your major lesson learned from the experience was. For example, you may say something like, “My takeaway from this mistake was to put more planning into big projects.”

Why Do You Want This Job?

The point of this question during an interview is to discover whether or not your goals and values align with the organization. You should attempt to research their company culture before the interview and be able to answer the question accordingly. Consider answering the question with something like this. “The company’s ethics and priorities match my own goals. I also like that teamwork is encouraged here. That is something that is important to me.”

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

When an interviewer asks this question it gives them a good idea of your career goals and whether or not you’ll be a good fit in the position. It also proves that you have ambition as far as your work goals are concerned. You should focus on gaining expertise. Say something like, “I would like to be considered an expert in my field and working with your company will help e expand my knowledge.”

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