It is not always easy to find a job which ignites your passion.  Life passes quickly, meaning you may find yourself in a job that is not the right fit, working for a boss you do not like and asking yourself how you got there.  Is it possible to find your career passion?  Begin by taking time for some time for peace and personal introspection.

One of the greatest secrets for career success is a concept that most career counselors and books barely skim, your life away from the office.  Employers will not typically care what you do away from work, as long as it does not end in an arrest.  Still, your life outside of the office makes a huge impact on who you are when you are at work for the day.  Taking time for reflection outside the office, proactively grabbing things that make you feel you are living life, will make you satisfied and increase productivity.  It will be impossible to find your perfect career if it is difficult to even say “I really want to build a functional adult relationship with my family.”  Stop worrying about a perfect job and begin thinking about what makes you happy.

Thoughts may still be too scattered to quickly identify what you want from life, begin with answering a number of simple questions about yourself.  Some may feel too personal but you want to make sure you are going in the right direction for every facet of your life, not just the part that pays the rent or mortgage.

  • What do I consider important in life?
  • What does it take to make me smile?
  • What are my least favorite tasks at work?
  • How would my friends and co-workers describe me?  How would their descriptions differ?
  • Which tasks and projects at work can I knock-out with little difficulty but still enjoy the end results?
  • When was the last time I spent an hour or two thinking about how best to map out my future?

Answering these questions may confirm you are in the wrong position.  There will be certain jobs that just are not the right fit because they do not involve your skills or lean toward your predilections, what you are really want to do and what you feel you need to accomplish.  There is no shame in turning around to head in the right direction.

Take time for introspection and then contact the team from Staffing Resource Group to develop a search that will incorporate the REAL you.